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November 30 – June 4, 2011

MOUSE Corps Students Design Innovative Legacy Projects

MOUSE Corps Students design a mobile app that rewards subway travellers for submitting sanitation data to the MTA and a wearable solar-paneled baseball hat & messenger bag that can charge any USB device. Read More >

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November 16 – November 18, 2011

MOUSE Partners with The LAMP to host Unplugged Podcasting Workshop

NYC MOUSE Squad Students attended a Podcasting Workshop led by The LAMP at Lower East Side Preparatory High School. Read More >

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November 5 – November 6, 2011

MOUSE Hosts Falls Team Training!

New York City MOUSE Squad students took part in our annual Fall Team Training, which included exciting hands-on workshops and a great opportunity to meet other Squad members across the city. Read More >

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November 2, 2011

MOUSE and Camp Interactive Students Honored at NY Tech Meetup Event

On November 2nd, students from MOUSE and Camp Interactive, were recognized for their contributions as Summer Interns through the NY Tech Meetup StartUp Summer Program, generously supported by AT&T. Through this program, Rigel Leonard and Neil Narayan participated in exciting internships at TekServe. Read More >

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October 14, 2011

NYC MOUSE Squad Coordinators Attend at 8th Annual Coordinator-Con!

On Friday October 14th, more than 100 MOUSE Squad Coordinators, Connected Learning partners, MOUSE staff and training specialists attended the 8th Annual MOUSE Squad Coordinator-Con at Time Inc. Read More >

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October 6, 2011

NYC Council Member Sanders Recognizes P256Q as MOUSE Squad of the Year 2011

NYC Council Member James Sanders, Jr. was joined by P256Q Principal Oswaldo Roman and members of the MOUSE staff to recognize the very significant accomplishments of the P256Q MOUSE Squads and to celebrate their being named MOUSE Squad of the Year for 2011. Read More >

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September 17, 2011

NYC MOUSE Squad Kickoff at Maker Faire!

NYC MOUSE Squad students kicked off the new school year at Maker Faire, the largest showcase of invention and creativity. Read More >

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September 14, 2011

Students at Hudson High School Recognized as "Best New MOUSE Squad of the Year"

Students and staff of Hudson High School, MOUSE Staff, and two fellow Board Members came together to celebrate the success and achievements of the MOUSE Squad at Hudson. Read More >

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July 27, 2011

Zainab Oni, MOUSE Squad Student, Brings Unique Perspective to TASC Forum on Digital Learning

MOUSE was honored to participate in the Forum on Digital Learning, held by TASC (The After-School Corporation). This event brought together innovators, investors, policy-makers and thought-leaders with educators and youth developers to highlight the potential for using out-of-school time to bring next generation learning to kids with the greatest needs. Read More >

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July 21, 2011

MOUSE Corps Students Tour J.P. Morgan Chase

Wouldn't you like to be given a chance to see what goes on behind-the-scenes at J.P. Morgan Chase Head Quarters? The MOUSE Corps Students sure did! They enjoyed the opportunity to learn about and experience the technology that drives a major corporation with an exclusive tour at J.P. Morgan Chase. Read More >

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July 7, 2011

MOUSE Corps Career Pathways Hosts Summer Internship Kickoff

Through the MOUSE Corps Career Pathways program, high school students kicked off their summer internships with an orientation and workshop at the McGraw-Hill Companies. Read More >

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July 5 – August 12, 2011

MOUSE Corps Career Pathways Students Enjoy Rewarding Summer Internships

The MOUSE Corps Career Pathways program enjoyed a wonderful year, culminating in placing several students in exciting summer internships. Through these internships, students have developed a better understanding of how they can apply their interests and technology skills in their future careers. Read More >

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June 28, 2011

MOUSE Corps Shadowship Celebration

MOUSE Corps students and their Shadowship mentors enjoyed cake, games, and discussing their experiences at the 2011 MOUSE Corps Shadowship celebration. Read More >

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June 26 – June 27, 2011

MOUSE Corps Students Shine at ISTE 2011 Conference

At ISTE 2011, the MOUSE Corps students presented their Gar-Blog and SolTech projects, discussed MOUSE with the crowd, and spoke on a student panel moderated by Karen Cator about technology integration in schools. Read More >

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June 6, 2011

2011 MOUSE Squad of the Year Award Winners

This year we received many incredible submissions, and after a difficult decision process we are proud to announce the winners of the 2011 MOUSE Squad of the Year and Best New MOUSE Squad of the Year Awards. Read More >

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June 6, 2011

MOUSE 2011 D.I.Y. Competition Winners

This year's winners of the D.I.Y. Contest were chosen from the many hilarious and informative projects received from all around the country. Read More >

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June 4, 2011

MOUSE at the Third Annual Emoti-Con

Emoti-Con 2011, the New York City Youth New Technology and Digital Media Festival, featured student projects, speakers, and panel members from MOUSE at the New School for Design. Read More >

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May 23 – May 25, 2011

MOUSE Presents at National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) Summit

NCWIT, the National Center for Women & Information Technology, is dedicated to increasing the participation of girls and women in computing and IT. MOUSE was honored to present its programs during the K-12 Alliance "Share-a-Thon," an interactive fair built around learning, networking and collaboration. Read More >

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April 30, 2011

IS 318 MOUSE Squad Students Provide Exceptional Technical Support at NY Connected Learning Workshop

The MOUSE Squad at the School of Mathematics, Science and Technology through the Arts (IS 318) played a valued tech support role for the students and parents attending the Connected Learning Workshop. Read More >

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April 9, 2011

MOUSE Students Attend Playtech Saturday

On Saturday April 9th, over 60 MOUSE students and coordinators attended Playtech Saturday hosted at the Parsons New School for Design. Read More >

TechCrew allows me to start my day working with a group of students that have true passion and dedication…TechCrew teaches our students how to work as part of a group and leaves them... read more ›

– Marcos Alcozer, Northside College Prep High School, Chicago

MOUSE affords students the opportunity to be collaborators with their peers, teachers and the world beyond the classroom. Students in MOUSE blend relevant real-work experiences with student perspective, giving student voice a valued... read more ›

– Nancy Amling, Principal, Hudson High School of Learning Technologies

All I have done during the past 4 years—MOUSE helpdesk, MOUSE Corps technology design, Hurricane Sandy support—has helped me to solidify my ideas in what I believe, to be a citizen of change. read more ›

– Khaleel Anderson, MOUSE Squad, P256Q; MOUSE Corps Technology Design Student

MOUSE Squad increased my interest in technology and in attending Harvey Mudd College as an engineering major, a field I hope will allow my ideas and innovations to improve the world. read more ›

– Allison Barry, MOUSE Squad Alum, Leigh High School, California

For people around the world, tech is the pathway to a long and successful career, and we look forward to even more MOUSE alumni leading New York City's booming and influential tech sector... read more ›

– Michael R. Bloomberg, Former Mayor, New York City

The experiences that MOUSE provides its participants help ensure that high school graduates are prepared for good jobs during the summer and in their future careers. MOUSE’s unique emphasis on technology training... read more ›

– Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President, Technology Committee Chair

I love finishing school and coming to MOUSE. I love the teamwork and the time to learn new things about computers. read more ›

– Aram Buenaventura, MOUSE Squad Member, High School for Arts & Technology

MOUSE and SAP apply the same core values – quality, integrity, commitment, and passion – to our organizations. We see MOUSE Corps students as our next generation of employees and customers. MOUSE empowers... read more ›

– Ron Carolan, Chief Financial Officer, SAP Global Marketing

MOUSE Squad has been a life changing experience for many of our students. They feel good about their role with technology, which builds their confidence and makes them more successful in... read more ›

– Kristy De La Cruz, Bea Fuller Rodgers School (IS 528)

When I started the internship, my manager brought me to the trading floor. It was the best thing in the world to see all the traders and to know they were my clients,... read more ›

– Duckens Durosier, MOUSE Squad Alum, George Wingate High School

Being on MOUSE Squad adds to my experience in school by making me confident about myself. read more ›

– Daniela Fernandez, MOUSE Squad Member, Sylvandale Middle School, California

Our MOUSE Squad students stand a little taller. They recognize that they have special skills and are respected for it.

– Dr. Katherine Flori, MOUSE Squad Coordinator, W.C Byrant High School, New York

To me, programs like this don't exactly go to every school around. I enjoy the program and what they teach. My interest in technology has enhanced greatly because of MOUSE Squad. read more ›

– Ally Garcia, MOUSE Squad Member, High School for Arts & Technology

MOUSE uses technology as a means of engaging students and promoting leadership, teamwork and responsibility. read more ›

– Juan Garzon, MOUSE Squad Alum, Robert F. Wagner Secondary School for Arts & Technology

The people at MOUSE are a living, breathing testament to the notion that when an organization is centered around a thoughtful and attainable goal—staffed by competent, bright and passionate individuals—there is very little... read more ›

– Mehran Ghaffarsamar , MOUSE Intern, Baruch College

MOUSE is a really different program than anything else in the city. I am doing something that helps other people and I think globally about what my project may mean not just... read more ›

– Hiram Gonzalez, MOUSE Squad, IN-Tech Academy; MOUSE Corps Technology Design Student

MOUSE provides a unique opportunity for students to give back to their school, deepening their sense of leadership and responsibility, and improving their relationships with peers and teachers—all the while getting hands-on experience... read more ›

– Maureen Guido, Principal, The Paula Hedbavny School

Our MOUSE Squad students are demonstrating leadership skills, learning about responsibilities and how to communicate with adults. This program is inspiring our students and giving them a glimpse of future career opportunities. read more ›

– Carla Haakma, Principal, Los Arboles Elementary School, California

MOUSE Squad students learn many skills frequently cited by employers as keys to success in the workplace, including leadership, communication, teamwork problem solving and time management. read more ›

– Jan Half, Program Director, MOUSE Squad of California

We recognize that student attendance and graduation are increasingly important issues facing public schools. We are looking to target specific schools as we have seen the TechCrew program have a positive impact in... read more ›

– Victor Herrera, Director of Technology, Theodore Roosevelt High School, Chicago

The MOUSE program should be in every school in New York City. read more ›

– Robert Jackson, Member, New York City Council

What excites me most about MOUSE Squad is going to fix computers and hanging out with friends. I really think MOUSE Squad pushes you to try and learn new things. read more ›

– Danielle Jacobs, MOUSE Squad Member, Cooper High School, Abilene Texas

MOUSE empowers students to explore their interests, use their creativity and express their opinions constructively. Students are prepared for the future by encouraging them to ask questions and improving their team-building and communications... read more ›

– Tina Krekoukis, MOUSE Squad Coordinator, I.S. 228 David A. Boody

MOUSE provides a dedicated space for young people to explore STEM. MOUSE students don't just see tech as a set of screens and machines, but rather a dynamic and interconnected set of tools... read more ›

– Lou Lahana, MOUSE Squad Coordinator, P.S. 188

I joined MOUSE to explore my passion for technology and be a part of an organization that values communications and teamwork. read more ›

– Rigel Leonard, MOUSE Corps Member, School of the Future

“I am amazed at the eagerness and enthusiasm of my MOUSE Squad. They have dedication and motivation, and are the reason I want to come to school every day.” read more ›

– Victor Lopez, MOUSE Squad Coordinator, MS 328

I have always been into technology. When I first came to Hudson I learned MOUSE Squad is the heart of our school—where everything is at. read more ›

– Kaylah Mack, Member, MOUSE Squad and MOUSE Corps

MOUSE has had such a positive impact on my life, including my college and work experiences. MOUSE has exposed me to aspects of this world that I would not otherwise have had the... read more ›

– Ryan Mason, MOUSE Corps Fellow and MOUSE Squad Alum, School of the Future

MOUSE that trains tech-savvy students in inner-city schools to become tech support leads and ambassadors within their schools and then provides mentorship opportunities to help them take their digital expertise to the next... read more ›

– Caroline McCarthy, Branded Content Consultant & Freelance Writer

MOUSE Squad has taught me the skills I need for the future. read more ›

– Ismelda Monegro, Bea Fuller Rodgers School, New York

MOUSE has been one of the best things in which I have participated in my 21 year career. It continues to be good for both students and teachers at every school where I... read more ›

– Nathan Monroe, Coordinator, Academy of Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Science, Texas

Growing up there was no expectation in getting this far. Without the MOUSE Squad, I do not think I would've ever been into technology. Technology has changed my life. read more ›

– Karla Moreno , MOUSE Squad Member, Turlock High School, California

MOUSE brought me where I stand today and gave me real life work experience. MOUSE taught me about leadership and teamwork, and that there is no such thing as a bad idea. read more ›

– Dhondup Namgyal, MOUSE Corps Member, International High School

MOUSE has taught me how to help other people—learn from them, think for them, and design for them. read more ›

– Omar Nasr, MOUSE Squad and MOUSE Corps Member

Joining MOUSE showed me who I can be. MOUSE brings out the potential in youth through technology and helps you to be best you can be. MOUSE brings out the leader in you. read more ›

– Zainab, MOUSE Squad, Hudson High School of Learning Technologies MOUSE Corps Technology Design Student

MOUSE students are innovators that use technology to change the world. read more ›

– Neimat Orengo, MOUSE Alum, James Madison High School

MOUSE teaches students responsibility and gives them the opportunity to see into the business world. Students are exposed to perspectives that help them solve problems and be creative with technology. read more ›

– Wilson Ortiz, MOUSE Squad Coordinator, Hudson High School of Learning Technologies

The MOUSE Squad students are very curious and want to learn. Everyone knows about the MOUSE Squad in this school. read more ›

– Emmanuel Ourum, CUNY Intern, PS 43 MOUSE Squad

MOUSE is a revolutionary network that has altered the lives of thousands of students nationwide with one essential goal: to empower those who envision academic and professional success. read more ›

– Ivan Pereda, MOUSE Corps Fellow and MOUSE Squad Alum, Baccalaureate School for Global Education

Leadership, pride, self confidence and a sense of responsibility -- this is the impact of the MOUSE Squad program on our students. read more ›

– Norma Perez, Principal, Bea Fuller Rodgers School, New York

Our MOUSE students realize that this is just the beginning. They can go on to college to study computer technology, and become help desk technicians and repair specialists…and many do. read more ›

– Irwin Queen, School of Cooperative Technical Education

Thanks to Abilene Independent School District (AISD) for incorporating such a program and major kudos to Nathan Monroe, MOUSE Squad Coordinator, ATEMS. He actively leads a group that daily makes the teacher’s lives... read more ›

– Rebecca Rampy, Instruction Technology Specialist, Academy of Technology, Engineering, Math and Science (ATEMS) in Abilene, Texas

Juniper's community engagement vision is to use the power of the new network to take on the toughest challenges facing our communities and to connect and empower people everywhere. MOUSE exemplifies this vision... read more ›

– Darryl Ramsey, Public Sector - Americas, Business Development and Technical Strategy, Juniper Networks

MOUSE empowers students to lead and support the use of technology in their schools, while also helping them to discover their creative, technological, and learning potential. read more ›

– Linda G. Roberts, National Consultant on Technology and Education

At Best Buy, we believe in the power and potential of youth. We are proud to be long-time investors in MOUSE, an impressive and growing organization that is having a dramatic impact on... read more ›

– Susan Bass Roberts, Senior Director, Community Relations, Best Buy

I thank MOUSE for starting my career. Without MOUSE, I would not be as successful as I am today. read more ›

– Mendy Rodriguez, MOUSE Squad Alum; Junior Analyst, IT Service Desk, Time Inc.

MOUSE Squad has accelerated my knowledge in technology. I have become a team player and am very excited to do this work. I am helping other students and teachers with their technical problems... read more ›

– Javier Rodriguez, MOUSE Squad Member, Crozier Middle School, California

MOUSE has taught me many valuable lessons that will help me in life. read more ›

– Madeline Sariol, MOUSE Student, In-Tech Academy

Thanks to efforts of MOUSE, young people throughout New York City will have the opportunity to better their lives and become productive members of our society.

– Charles E. Schumer, United States Senator for New York

I commend MOUSE for improving the educational opportunities for young people, motivating them to attend college and preparing them for high quality jobs in the future. read more ›

– José E. Serrano, Congressman, 16th District of New York

Watching MOUSE Squad grow from a pilot to an established entity has been a thrilling experience. I’ve seen my students grow from tentative kids, virtually afraid of touching machines, to savvy technicians,... read more ›

– Kiri Soares, Principal, Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women

My students are admired by their peers, praised by their teachers and stand out from the rest of our school. This program has a huge impact on my students and gives them a... read more ›

– Esmeralda Soto, TechCrew Coordinator, Eli Whitney School

MOUSE has provided life changing experiences for me that have added tremendously to my passion for technology… regardless of the company or industry, you will always need technology and the skills we learn... read more ›

– Leroy Tindi, MOUSE Squad Alum, Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy

We try to focus on career readiness, laying the foundation and opening their eyes to careers they might consider in the future. I tell my students that if they want to be... read more ›

– Matthew Valia, MOUSE Squad Coordinator, Berta A. Drefus School

MOUSE is an excellent example of rethinking how to put students at the center of their own learning and reorganizing schools around their motivations and strengths. read more ›

– Arthur VanderVeen, Chief of Innovation Strategy and Policy, NYC Department of Education

Through the CPS TechCrew program, I have learned how to explore computers, how to fix problems that are usually deferred to someone else, and what it's like to work on a team that... read more ›

– Simon Vecchioni, CPS TechCrew Member, Northside College Prep High School, Chicago

I believe strongly in public education and the opportunity it can and should provide to all. MOUSE provides a valuable service, closing the gap between heavily resourced schools and those in underserved areas. read more ›

– Peter Vincent, VP Human Resources, National Audubon Society

What excites me most about being part of this program is that I get to interact with other students who share the same goals and who hope to learn more on how to... read more ›

– Monique Williams, Chicago TechCrew Member, Tarkington School of Excellence

MOUSE showed me that design is not just about drawing on paper —it’s about an idea and creating a new product. read more ›

– Peizhu Yuan, MOUSE Squad and MOUSE Corps Member

MOUSE taught me perspective, a way of working with people and how to think, speak and write in a professional way. read more ›

– Syed Zaidi, MOUSE Squad Alum, Baccalaureate School for Global Education