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Daniel Rabuzzi

Executive Director

Daniel A. Rabuzzi joined Mouse as Executive Director in 2013.

Prior to joining Mouse, Daniel served as Senior Director, Operations & Strategy for Year Up New York, as National Program Director for The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, and as CEO of the Kentucky Virtual Campus, one of the first public sector online schools created to bring web-based services to less advantaged citizens. He also was a vice president in corporate finance at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company.

Daniel has been a judge for the NYU Reynolds Program in Social Entrepreneurship and an evaluator for the Echoing Green fellowship. He has presented recently at (among others) Teach for America, Village Capital, Education Pioneers, Startup Institute, 4.0 Schools, and Inspiring Capital. He has had numerous essays and scholarly articles published, most recently at the Partnership for 21st Century Skills blog and at the Getting Smart blog. Daniel has had two novels published (CZP, Toronto), as well as many short stories and poems.

Daniel earned his B.A. from Harvard University, M.A. from The Fletcher School at Tufts University, and M.A. and Ph. D. in History from Johns Hopkins University. He was a research fellow at the University of Oslo in Norway and at the University of Bielefeld in Germany, and he studied at CIEF/University of Bourgogne in Dijon, France.

Daniel lives with his wife, the artist Deborah Mills, in New York City.

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