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Welcome to the Mouse Makerspace! This is the perfect space for students, educators, and makers of all ages to explore STEM and creative computing through hands-on, maker projects.

Maker Events at our Mouse Makerspace are free and open to all who want a space to tinker, make, build, and learn cool stuff. Visit to learn more about all of our upcoming events for teachers and students.

What is a Makerspace?

New to making and makerspaces? Need help to expand your tech skills? Our Mouse Makerspace is filled with resources, supplies, and professional experts to support students as they explore STEM making.

No prior experience in tech or making is required! This is the perfect space to try building circuits or coding for the first time. The Mouse Makerspace is also a great opportunity for students who want to advance their skills by collaborating with professional volunteers and Mouse staff.

Maker events at our makerspace are free and open to all makers. These events bring together students and professional coders, crafters, designers, artists, gamers, and more from all over NYC.

​What kinds of projects can I explore?

Mouse Maker Day Spring 2018
  • Sewable Tech: explore basic engineering concepts by combining circuitry and art
  • Coding: work on computer games, websites, web hacks, animation, and more, using programs like Scratch and Thimble

  • Game Design: recreate digital and physical board games using a variety of software and material
  • Circuitry: build something that buzzes or lights up, or hack an electronic toy to do something new

  • Virtual Reality: build and decorate your own VR headset and create a customized VR world

  • Graphic design: play around and learn some new tricks in software similar to PhotoShop or Adobe Illustrator

  • School projects: bring something you're already working on for school (or for fun)

  • Experiment: The Mouse Makerspace is a great place to explore new technologies, find new interests or to advance STEM skills you already have

2019 - 2022 Events Calendar and Sign Up

Coming Soon!

Do I have to bring anything?

Only a signed consent form.

We'll provide all the materials you need, including pizza. Bring a project of your own if you have one.

Where do these events take place?

All Mouse Maker Events, excluding the PlayTech: Maker Edition event, are held at Mouse HQ in the Financial District in Manhattan:

55 Broad Street
16th floor
New York City

Keep me informed about upcoming Maker Events

How else can I get involved?

  • We are always looking for volunteers to bring exciting projects to our events. Please contact if you would like to volunteer at an upcoming event.
  • If your organization would like to sponsor a Mouse Maker event, please contact Shaquana.
  • Can't make it to a Maker Event? Check out more Upcoming Events and Opportunities at Mouse


Need more info about this event? Need help getting to the Makerspace? Please email for additional information and answers.

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