Mouse | Mouse Membership Comparison

Mouse Membership Comparison

Options Spark Membership Full Membership
Cost to Site No fee Annual license fee, financial aid available on a case-by-case basis.
Mouse Create Features: Apply Now! Apply Now!
Unlimited educator and student accounts
Unlimited Groups & Playlists
Digital Badges via (ages 13 & up)
Student work collaboration & Group discussion
"My Work" export & portfolio tool
Educator Learning & group management
Project Gallery for sharing work with the National Mouse Network
Built-in Professional Development Opportunities:
Educator Course on Mouse Create
Unlimited Remote Support
Student Projects & Courses:
Circuitry & Electronics
Design with Purpose
Digital Portfolios
Green Tech
Intro to Design
IT Admin
IT Essentials
Scratch Creative Computing
Serious Games
Sewable Tech
Tech Team
Video Creator
Web Literacy
Monthly Microprojects

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