Mouse Minnesota

We are pleased to welcome Minnesota as our newest regional partner of Mouse.

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) recently contracted Mouse to provide STEM content to up to 200 high schools across the state.

Students throughout Minnesota will access our web-based learning platform, using Mouse projects and lessons to expand their knowledge of exciting technologies like circuitry, game design, and green energy.  

Our curriculum teaches students essential 21st-century skills and allows educators to determine what knowledge and skills they want their students to focus on and learn throughout the school-year.  

Under Mouse’s contract with MDE, there is no direct cost for the use of Mouse’s content. However, this opportunity is limited to the first 200 high schools that enroll.

Interested?  Contact Jonathan Clemens, Learning Network Manager, Mouse Minnesota, at or 612.554.6128.

Join us for this unique, interactive event as we celebrate 20 years of empowering youth to create technology with purpose!

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