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December 18, 2018

Winners for BrainPOP Creative Coding Microproject Challenge

For the final monthly competition of 2018, BrainPOP and Mouse challenged you all to design a comic or meme about one of 12 topics using BrainPOP's Creative Coding with Vidcode. This challenge ran into Computer Science Education Week, giving participants a little more time to get creative and inventive with their submissions and the entries we received did not disappoint. We were positively astounded by your amazing submissions. Some made us think and others made us laugh or tear up a bit, but most importantly each and every one of your submissions proves just how powerful computer science has become as a tool for self expression and learning. Thank you for a fantastic 2018 and for all your hard work!

We have six lucky winners this time around who will be taking home a prize each. The first two will each receive a $50 Adafruit Gift Certificate for their school, while our remaining four finalists will each win a prize of their choice from our new prize chest.

The Inspiration Award

Our winner of the Inspiration Award and a $50 Adafruit Gift Certificate is Pyang267 from Harding Senior High School in St. Paul, Minnesota. Pyang267 combined the inspiring message of empowerment and self-acceptance in the Disney movie, Mulan with the equally inspiring life and work of Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo to make this fantastic meme. There’s a lot we could say about how meaningful this entry was but Pyang267 explains it best: “Both Mulan and Frida have questioned their identity at one point in their lives. The grown-up Frida is seen in the mirror and the young Frida is looking at the mirror. This is a illustration similar to when Mulan goes to the water and sees her reflection.”. Terrifically well said and well done, Pyang267!

The Pun Prize

Our second winner of a $50 Adafruit Gift Certificate for their outstanding work was Lcter20 from Florence Nightingale Business Entrepreneurship Magnet School in Los Angeles, California. The most shared memes tend to be simple but it can be hard to walk the line between too simple and not simple enough. Lcter20 hits this balance nicely with a pun inspired by computer science language. Most people who have studied programming or even designed a simple website will get the joke immediately which makes us feel like connected insiders. We also liked the neat presentation of the code alongside the meme itself in the project submission so we could learn from this meme and make one of our own easily. Great work, Lcter20!

The Punchline Award

The first of our four remaining finalists winning a gift from our prize chest is J.Moretine at Rogers Middle School in Long Beach, California. J.Moretine’s submission also keeps things short and simple but expertly places the punchline below the rest of the image and connecting text for maximum comedic effect. Hilarious job, J.Moretine!

The Composition Award

Our second remaining finalist was KaraelFGPS The Gordon Parks School in Rosedale, New York. You really have to take a look at the code and try recreating this meme yourself to fully appreciate its complexity. KaraelFGPS’s submission makes excellent use of opacity, scale and position to make for a carefully constructed piece. Awesome job, KaraelFGPS!

The L.O.L. Award

Our third remaining finalist was DeadPool521 from Cedar Middle School in Hesperia, California. This entry was another short and sweet one that got us chuckling right away. It does a great job of telling a story very quickly with smart use of the comic book structure to tell the reader what’s happening in what order. Great job, DeadPool521!

Outstanding Comic

And finally, our last remaining finalist was made by 321michaely & 321elianaB, both from P.S. 139 in Queens, New York. We received a lot more memes than comics for this competition so it was really refreshing to come across this entry. One of the great hopes of automation is that robots will be able to take over the more boring and dangerous work that humans usually do, leaving only the most fun and safe jobs for people. 321michaely & 321elianaB made a short comic that imagines two robots sharing their opinions on their jobs. We like to think the happy robot does something helpful like composing new music while the other has a job more dangerous like mining asteroids in space! We’d love to see more of this story. Great work, 321michaely & 321elianaB!

Our honorable mentions go out this month to:

  • Cxu0138’s meme was a hilarious twist on on Salvador Dali’s famous look.
  • DerpyPikachu also made us laugh with a great use of the dance theme.

The year may be ending but the Microproject competition continues strong! This month, your challenge is to make a VR exhibit in honor of a scientist, inventor or historical figure you admire.


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