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On Mouse Create, youth ages 13 and older have the opportunity to earn digital badges through Credly to recognize their accomplishments, which they can share on social media networks and college applications. To see all required projects for each badge available for earning on Mouse Create, visit our Badge Directory here.

3D Design

Drawing in 3D
Basic Elements of 3D Shapes
Moving to the CAD World

Analog Circuits

Human Circuit
Light-Up Creature
Building with a Breadboard
Light Dimmers and Intelligent Sensors
Transistor Nightlight

Apps & Software

Software 101
Once Upon a Google Doc
Design a Mobile App
Build a Mobile App

Arduino Circuits

Intro to the Arduino
LED Light Chaser
Arduino Sound Machine
Arduino Nightlight

The Brainstorm Badge


Framing Questions
Rules of Brainstorming
Design in a Bag

Circuit Design

Design your Own Digital Circuit
Build your Own Digital Circuit

Coding Sewables

Intro to the LilyPad Arduino USB
LilyPad Goal Trackers


Secret Sculpture
PSA: Be Professional


Help Desk Superhero
Setting Up A Ticket Tracking System
Reverse Engineering
Talk Like a Fixer
Do it Yourself Project

Game Designer

Intro to Game Design and Gamestar Mechanic
Core Mechanics
Goals, Obstacles & Chance
Found Object Game

Graphic Design

Basic Elements of Graphic Design
Meet the Color Wheel
Pick a Palette
Designing Layout
Typography: Designing Fonts


Ports & Connections
Hardware Go Fish
Hardware Everywhere
Internet of Things


Tag Tag Revolution
Source Whisperer
Hack the News
Make a Simple Website with Thimble
HTML & CSS Relay

The Human-Centered Design Badge

Human-Centered Design

Design is Everywhere
Human Centered Design
Empathy & Assistive Tech
Design a Better World


Javascript Generator
Javascript Takeover
JavaScript Chatbot

Making Electricity

You’ve Got the Power
DIY Generator
Testing Turbines


Ping Kong
Network Design Challenge
Say Yes to the IP Address
My Name Is URL

Operating Systems

I is for Input
Learning Linux
OS for All
OS Design

The Pitch & Publish Badge

Pitch & Publish

Design Story

Portfolio Craft

Telling the Story of Your Success
Curating Your Work
Bringing Your Portfolio to Life

Portfolio Style

What is a Portfolio?
UX/UI Design
Information Architecture

Powering Change

Energy Sleuths
Become Action Heroes
Launch a Green Media Campaign
Pitch It


People Programming
Text Your Computer with the Command Line
Hello, World: Programming Languages

Renewable Energy

Hacking our Sustainable Future
Solarize It
Battery Builder

Scratch Activist

The Serious Gamer
Grow-A- Game
Scratch Serious Game

Scratch Developer

What is Scratch
Games From Scratch
It's The Remix

Sewing Circuits

Sew a Tech Case
Sew a Basic Circut
Sewable Superhero Cuff

Sewing Switches

Sew an LED Snap Circuit
Fabric Push Button
RGB Color Mixer
DIY Bend Sensor

Team Building

The Mousemallow Challenge
Teamwork: The Mill Game
Leadership Wheel

The User Interviews Badge

User Interviews

Interview Strategies
Design Observation
Interviews with Target Users
Synthesizing Interviews
User Personas

The Web Citizen Badge

Web Citizen

Creative Commons .GIF Exchange
Kracken the Code
Ad Battle

The Web Privacy Badge

Web Privacy

The Internet is a Live Mic
Awkward! Dealing with Strangers Online
Ring ToS
Social Network Sort

The Web Security Badge

Web Security

Malware Avengers
Password Round Robin
Phish Market

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