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With thanks to our generous supporters, Mouse empowers youth to use technology as a force for good.


Changemakers $200,000+

Best Buy Foundation
City Council of New York

Leaders $100,000 - $199,000

Coca- Cola Foundation
Joseph A Flom Foundation

Innovators $50,000 - $99,999

AT&T Foundation
BNY Mellon

Inventors $25,000 - $49,999

Con Edison
Royal Bank of Canada
The PCLB Foundation

Entrepreneurs $10,000 - $24,999

Amanda O'Donnell
Daniel Rabuzzi and Deborah Mills
Amy Kadomatsu and Robert Lopez
Osterman Family Foundation
The DiSanto Family

Creators $5,000 - $9,999

Rashmy and Surath Chatterjee
Adon Davis
Robin and Alice Griffiths
Technology for {You}th: Omari and Kerry-Ann Edwards
true[x] Media

Supporters $2,500 - $4,999

Benevity Community Impact Fund
Kayla Golden
Kendall Jakes
Aaron Krane
Lisette Nieves

Contributors $1,000 - $2,499

Dawn Barber
David Eisenman
Jean-Marc Levy
Retail Me Not
Thomson Reuters
Herald and Linda Ritch

Friends $1 - $999

85 Advisors
All Star Code, Inc.
Amazon Smile Foundation
Christine Bakewell
Florent Blanc
Julie Blanc
Celeste Booth-Clibborn
Emily Boschwitz
Arthur Bouie
Bright Funds Foundation
Samantha Brody
Will Brown
Kara Caesar
Brendan Chan
Michael Circosta
John Cline
Dallis Crow
Amanda Dacunha
Michael Davis
Frank Davis
Flurin Domenig
Glenn Dubin
Jason Eiswerth
Ernst & Young
Olumayowa Fadina
Shirley Fennessey
Charissa Fernandez
First New York City
Nicole Frances
Harrison Freund
Guilherme Fujiwara
Caroline Gilbert
Eamon Glackin
Tara Goutermout
Sally Jan Harris
Alexis Harrison
Marissa Hastings
Henry Street Settlement
Herman Family Fund
Marc Howard
Emilie Hsieh
Dave Inman
Foster Jebsen
Richard M Jones
Mohammad Karam
David Kelly
Janet Kim
Jennifer Lankin and Douglas Rabuzzi
Mareza Larizadeh
Dana Leavy
Adam Leslie
Andrew Mack
Joyce Medeiros
Joseph Mensah
Brian Miller
Anne Mock
Emerson Moore
Surag and Jessica Mungekar
Madison Nadler
New-York Historical Society
Nick Newburger
Tom O'Connell
Amit Patankar
Pledgeling Foundation
Michael Preston
Alexandra Qin
Erick Quay
Kathryn and Daniel Rabuzzi
Ursula Reichle
Thaddeus Ricotta
Francis Rocco
Katie Rogers
Jacob, Eric, Hattie and Noah Ruttenberg
Jenniffer Sanchez
Melinda W Schmidt
Margaret von Seekamm
Serval Ventures
Jane Shapiro
Lindsey Sharpe
Darryl Shazier
Frednise Shields
Kylie Sicking
Lindsay Siegel
Carey Stiss
Sol Stiss
Maxwell Stiss
Student Success Network
Adam Swick
Gayle Tadler
Rana Taghdisi
The Boston Consulting Group, Inc
Michael Tuteur
Peter Vincent
Michael Virgil
Michael Walker
Joielle Walter
Chris Waskom
Cortland Weatherley-White
Phillip Joseph and Betsy Wolfenden
Susanne Woods
Geoff Young
Your Cause LLC

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