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What is Design League?

Mouse Design League is a design and technology program in which high school students create inventions to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Design League members develop creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration skills, and build confidence in designing technology with purpose. Design League programs are located in NYC (Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn) and Jersey City.

Over the course of the program, youth use human-centered design to brainstorm, prototype, and present assistive technology and projects designed to improves the lives of others. Design League is comprised of high school students with diverse interests and backgrounds, who gain applied design, technology, workplace, and leadership experience.

This program works with the “Design with Purpose” course on the Mouse Create learning platform. Through Design League, youth earn Digital Badges that document and validate the college-level skills they have developed.

This year, we are expanding! We are training ~50 teachers in 17 schools on the Design League curriculum! Teachers are learning our core principles in an effort to adapt to remote learning. Our teams and teachers will focus on creating a case study and wireframe of an app based on this year's theme of mutual aid.

“Being involved in Mouse made me who I am. Mouse taught me to believe in myself and to create something that will have a lasting impact.” --Zainab, Mouse Design League Alum

How it works

students prototyping their designs at the design retreat
students reviewing their prototypes with their users and revise as needed
design league group presenting design league project Electra Wallet at Emoti-Con

Phase 1: Design Skills Foundation
The Design League program begins with an introduction to the theory and techniques behind the Human Centered Design process, and provides them with the language, context, and knowledge they need to put those skills into practice in the design of assistive and adaptive technology projects.

Phase 2: Product Design and Iteration
With skills learned during the Design Skills Foundation, youth apply the human-centered design process alongside professional technology mentors. With their mentor’s support, Design League members create and test several prototypes of their invention and build a design portfolio. Once they have completed their design, Design League members present their prototypes at several local and national technology events.

"With Mouse, we are involved in determining the problem to solve and designing the solution, which is what you really need in the real world.” --Malcolm, Mouse Design League Alum


As a result of participating in Design League, members report:

  • 86% Improved digital media and technology skills
  • 86% Increase confidence
  • 86% Improved communications and teambuilding skills
  • 76% Increase interest in STEM

100% of Design League members graduate from High School

See our Mouse Design League members featured in the News: Students create life-changing tech for people with disabilities, PIX 11

Hear from our Design League Alums:

  • “I feel proud to be a women pursuing interests in engineering. Women can do this too. In my country, women are limited in what they can do. Women can do everything.” -- Navisha
  • “Through Mouse, I learned how to analyze and solve problems, and how to relate to people. Mouse taught me that technology always has a human element.” -- Ryan
  • “Mouse has opened my eyes to the idea of design. I’ve learned that tech with purpose means going beyond what’s given to you to implement something bigger.” -- Karila
  • “Mouse has taught me how to help other people—learn from them, think for them, and design for them.” -- Omar

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