Mouse is a national youth development nonprofit that believes in technology as a force for good.

Technology with Purpose

We empower all students to create with technology to solve real problems and make meaningful change in our world. We are committed to creating more diversity in STEM and opening opportunities for students from underserved communities across the country.

Mouse Stories:

Graphic Designer, Developer, Artist

“Mouse gives young people agency and the feeling that they then can make it happen. Once you think about using technology for a purpose, it becomes integral to who you are.”

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Mouse Stories:

Developer, Technologist

“Mouse taught me the importance of giving back and inspired me to start my own business. Beyond technology, Mouse sparked confidence in me.”

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Mouse Stories:

Creator, Innovator, Maker of Change

“Being involved in Mouse made me who I am. Mouse taught me to believe in myself and to create something that will have a lasting impact.”

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Mouse Stories:

Senior Analyst, Developer, Problem Solver

“Through Mouse, I learned how to analyze and solve problems, and how to relate to people. Mouse taught me that technology always has a human element. I saw the potential in me through Mouse.”

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Mouse Stories:

Immigrant, Womxn, Creative Innovator

“My experiences with Mouse created a part of my identity and helped me to realize the importance of technology is how you can positively impact people.”

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Mouse Stories:

Technician, Creator, Change Maker

“Through Mouse, I met individuals that shared the same passions and interests, who came together around a common goal, became friends, and worked as a force toward something good.”

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Mouse Stories:

Entrepreneur, Change Maker

“Mouse inspired me to pursue technology in 7th grade. Mouse sparked my curiosity, helped me to develop persistence, and taught me the invaluable role of mentorship."

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Mouse Stories:

Innovator, Educator, Presenter

“Mouse definitely changed the way I think about technology and what I want to do in the future. It’s important because this is why I want to learn. I want to make a project that will help someone and be part of something big.”

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Mouse Stories:

Engineer, Designer, Inventor

“Through Mouse, I’ve designed new projects every year. I have more confidence, feel more natural presenting, and have developed skills in 3D printing and design, coding and engineering accessible devices.”

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Mouse Stories:

Programmer, Leader, Designer

"With Mouse, we are involved in determining the problem to solve and designing the solution, which is what you really need in the real world.”

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Mouse Stories:

Designer, Gamer, Technologist

“Mouse changed my life. Being involved has helped me to see things from a different perspective and how to create something that I care about for someone else.”

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Mouse Stories:

Coder, Engineer, Educator

“Mouse has been a big influence in my life. Through Mouse, I’ve learned about leadership and teamwork, and how I can create cool things for someone else. It’s helped me to see how I can better the world through technology.”

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Mouse Stories:

Engineer, Musician Coder,

“Mouse has opened my eyes to the idea of design. I’ve learned that tech with purpose means going beyond what’s given to you to implement something bigger. It’s rewarding to be part of something that will make someone’s life a little easier.”

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Mouse Stories:

Programmer, Project Manager, Designer

“Mouse was the best thing I have done in my life. It’s opened doors that would not have been opened in any other way.”

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Mouse Stories:

Innovator, Designer, Engineer

“I feel proud to be a women pursuing interests in engineering. Many think it is a major for men. I want to change that thought in society. Women can do this too. In my country, women are limited in what they can do. Women can do everything.”

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Mouse Stories:

Innovator, Designer, Engineer

“Mouse has taught me how to help other people—learn from them, think for them, and design for them.”

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Mouse Stories:

Project Manager, Educator, Mentor

"Mouse has been an amazing experience. It is great knowing that I could create something that would change someone’s life.”

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Mouse Stories:

Green Technology Activist, Project Manager, Marketer

“Mouse has been life changing. When I joined Mouse, I knew this is what I wanted to do. Being involved with Mouse has help me to become a better presenter, helped my social skills, and given me that final push out of the shy zone.”

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Mouse Stories:

Designer, Innovator

“Going through the design process Mouse teaches has helped me in life. It’s not just about drawing on paper--it’s about creating an idea and following through with it.”

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Mouse Stories:

Designer, Innovator, Change Maker

All I have done during the past 4 years -- Mouse helpdesk, Mouse projects, Hurricane Sandy, has helped me to solidify my ideas in what I believe in -- to be a citizen of change.”

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Our Team at Mouse

Kimberly Alonso, Communications Coordinator

As Communications Coordinator @ Mouse, Kimberly highlights the work of our students, educators, and staff across social media and communications materials online and off.  She joined Mouse in 2013 after graduating from Pace University.

In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys dyeing her hair purple, exploring Queens, or learning a new skill, like how to take apart a 3D printer.

Chelien Brown, Learning Design Coordinator

Chelien is a Brooklyn native who joined the team in 2015. He developed an interest in youth development and education while tutoring and instructing students in writing while in college. After receiving his BA in English and American Literature from NYU, he worked at MakerBot and wanted to learn more about emerging tech while introducing students to the quickly changing field. Chelien is a fledgling novelist and short story writer and enjoys Japanese manga and anime. His favorite is One Piece.

Rachel Brown, Learning Design Coordinator

Rachel joined the team in 2010 to provide program support to our NYC sites. She also creates media and learning activities.

Rachel has 15+ years of experience working with youth, educational and media related NPOs. She teaches video production in high schools and at Hunter College, where she’s currently pursuing an MFA in Integrated Media Arts. Rachel stages urban interventions with The Illuminator, makes films and music, cycles year-round and enjoys wandering. Find her at wanderingarrow.com.

Jonathan Clemens, Learning Network Manager

Jonathan is the Learning Network Manager for Mouse operations in Minnesota. He works with schools in-state to support the implementation and ongoing use of Mouse’s online learning platform.

Jonathan holds a B.A. from UC Santa Cruz, a M.A. from the University of Hawai‘i, and a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. In his off hours he enjoys playing video games, training in mixed martial arts, and walking his dog along Minnesota’s many lakes and rivers.

Christina De Ramos, Development Intern

Christina joined the Mouse team in March 2017 as the Development Intern. She provides support in databases, such as Salesforce, research, administrative, and overall support for the development team.

Christina is currently attending the New Jersey Institute of Technology, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering with a Minor in Business. She loves going on spontaneous adventures, baking, singing, and trying desserts at those #trendy dessert places you see on the internet.

Alex Fleming, Learning Design Manager

Alex joined the Mouse team in January of 2011 and is currently serving as a Learning Design Coordinator. A member of the second graduating class of the original High Tech High school in San Diego, Alex is a DIY media maker and game designer who loves tech of all kinds.

Alex previously worked for Boston non-profit HOME Inc. as a Media Lab Coordinator and holds a B.A. in Sociology and Theatre Arts with high honors from Brandeis University. A former magician, Alex retired from magic in 2013.

Ioana Frigura, Web Coordinator

Ioana Frigura is Mouse’s Web Coordinator focusing on mousesquad.org support and administration, production and design of print and web content for schools and school data collection. Ioana first joined the Mouse team in 2009 as a Technology Intern.

In the Spring of 2016, Ioana earned the AOS in Graphic Design degree from Pratt Institute. She also holds additional degrees from Baruch College and Bard College. Besides graphic design, Ioana is serious about Ikea furniture and cross stitching.

Shaquana Lee, Membership Coordinator

Shaquana joined the Mouse team as the Membership Coordinator in July 2017. Her work involves ensuring that Mouse member schools are having an awesome experience. Shaquana is currently a Masters in Public Administration candidate at Baruch College. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Sociology from Hofstra University.

In her spare time, Shaquana loves exercising and going to concerts. She also enjoys doing touristy things in her hometown New York City.

Marc Lesser, Senior Director, Learning Design

Marc is a specialist in the fields of digital learning and youth development with broad experience designing programming and learning environments in local and national contexts. Marc is currently the Youth Studies Fellow at City University of New York. 

Since March 2008, Marc directs the national efforts to design and develop web-based and live offerings for Mouse. His experience is shaped by previous roles as an educator, trainer, and grants manager in the area of arts, media, and technology education. 

Marc holds a Master’s degree from NYU’s Digital Media Design for Learning program, is the co-founder of the Emoti-Con NYC Youth Digital Media and Technology Festival, and in 2012 was named a National School Boards Association “20-to-Watch” among national leaders in education and technology.

Marc fishes, prefers handmade things, and <3’s clever storage solutions.

Marianne Liens, Operations Coordinator

Marianne moved to NYC and joined Mouse as Operations Coordinator in 2017. Having worked several years at an accounting and investment management firm in Miami, Marianne brings experience in office management and bookkeeping to Mouse.

Marianne earned her B.A. and her M.A. from Florida International University in International Relations and Global Affairs. As a volunteer she has worked in youth development and relief initiatives in post-Katrina New Orleans, Haiti, Darfur/Sudan, and Nicaragua.

On her free time, you can find Marianne behind a camera taking pictures of scenery and starting up her travel blog.

Mouse Fridge, @mousefridge

Mouse Fridge joined the team in 2015 and is passionate about lunch and ice cream. Keep up with Mouse Fridge at @mousefridge on Twitter!

Maggie Muldoon, Design League Manager

Maggie has been working in some combination of education, design and creative technology for over 10 years. She joined the Mouse team in 2011 as a Training Specialist and moved into coordinating the Design League in 2013. She absolutely loves working with students to conceive of, design, and build creative technical solutions to real world problems.

When she’s not making cool stuff with NYC teenagers, she’s usually making other things like dog portraits, live paintings, music videos, and pie.

Janine Quijije, Senior Director, Development

Janine joined Mouse in June 2015 and currently serves as the Senior Director of Development. In her role, she implements and manages strategic initiatives that financially support the growth and sustainability of Mouse.   

Janine brings a deep commitment to and passion in serving youth which extends into her community. She is a proud Big Sister as part of the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of NYC

She also enjoys challenging herself personally and professionally. Her most recent victory was in overcoming her fear of heights by skydiving! However, she continues to stay as far away as possible from roller coasters.

Daniel Rabuzzi, Executive Director

Daniel joined Mouse as Executive Director in 2013. Previously, he held positions at Year Up New York, NFTE, Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, Luther College, and Manufacturers Hanover Trust.  

Daniel has had two novels published. B.A. Harvard, M.A. The Fletcher School/ Tufts, M.A. & Ph. D. in History, Johns Hopkins.

Kate Rosenbloom, Senior Manager, Learning Design

Kate joined Mouse’s team in 2012. She designs curriculum, produces media content, and helps test new programs in schools across our network. Before Mouse, she co-founded a consulting practice designing curriculum for digital literacy programs and did work for media education orgs including the SF Film Society and the Jacob Burns Film Center.

Kate holds an MA in Communication & Technology in Education from Columbia and a BA in Film from Oberlin. She’s unashamedly addicted to true crime podcasts.

Susan Schwartz, Senior Director, Communications

Susan has more than 20 years of experience in strategic marketing, digital media, and content development. She leads brand marketing and communications for Mouse and is passionate about transforming education for all youth. Susan joined Mouse in 2008 and previously held several marketing and sales roles at IBM.

Susan graduated with a degree in Computer and Communication Sciences from the University of Michigan. She loves to hike, bike, and explore new places.

Meredith Summs, Associate Director, Learning Design

Meredith oversees the learning design team to develop content, web platforms and tools, and live programming that deepen and scale our impact. Over her 10+ years as an informal educator, she has taught circuitry, web literacy, human-centered design, assistive and adaptive tech, IT, and game design. 

Meredith is an inaugural member of the MozillaNetwork50, recognizing the most devoted and impactful community members vital to promoting openness, innovation, and opportunity on the web.

Previously, Meredith served as a graphic/web designer at arts/education organizations in NYC and Washington DC.  At Vassar, she studied anthropology.  She invented the ‘Choco Taco’ and can melt cheese using only her mind.

Patrick Weaver, Learning Design Manager

Patrick works with Mouse's national network of schools, focuses on improving and expanding online curriculum, and collaborates with high school Design League students on assistive technology projects. He also works with Phone Booth Press, Oat Dog Club, meredithisonvacation.biz and is online at patrickweaver.xyz. He grew up in San Francisco and studied words at UC Santa Cruz.

You should probably endorse Patrick for high fives.

Peizhu Yuan, Communications Intern

Peizhu Yuan joined the Mouse team in February 2015 as the Operations Intern that provides support for the whole team. With increased interest and knowledge about the design world, she got a new title as the Communications Intern. Most of her work includes data entry into Salesforce, designing new marketing collaterals, managing the thank you process and lots more!

Peizhu is currently pursuing her first Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the College of Staten Island while growing her interest and skills in the design field. With bilingual proficiency in Chinese, English, and C++, you can come cout<<"Hi, 你好" at any time!

Board of Directors


Amy Kadomatsu
Chair, Mouse
Co-founder and President, ROKO Labs

Caroline McCarthy
Vice Chair, Mouse
Vice President, Communications and Content, true[X] media

Dawn Barber
Secretary, Mouse
Co-Founder, New York Tech Meetup

Robin Griffiths
Treasurer, Mouse
Executive Director, Finance & Infrastructure, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP

Rashmy Chatterjee
Chief Marketing Officer, IBM, North America

Ted Cohen
Managing Partner, TAG Strategic

Tony DiSanto
Managing Director, North America Infrastructure, Citigroup

Byrne Doyle
Senior Vice President, Best Buy Co.

Omari Edwards
Founder, Beak

Matt Greenfield
Managing Partner, Rethink Education

Scott Kaplan
Managing Director, KB Financial Partners

Joy Marcus
EVP and General Manager, Digital Video, Condé Nast Entertainment

Sheila Marmon
Founder & CEO, Mirror Digital Inc.

Jeanne P. Meyer
Founder, Watch This Space Consulting

Ejovi Nuwere
Senior Manager, Deloitte

Amanda O'Donnell
Finance Consultant, Intersection Co.

Daniel Rabuzzi
Executive Director, Mouse

Linda G. Roberts
National Consultant on Technology and Education

Carole Wacey
Vice President, Education, WNET New York Public Media

Blaze D. Waleski
Technology & Privacy Attorney

As a result of Mouse, students report:

Improved creativity, problem solving, & team-building skills
Increased confidence
Better prepared for college
Believe they can make a difference in the world
More motivated to pursue a career in STEM