Mouse | Isabela


“Mouse has been life changing. Being involved with Mouse has help me to become a better presenter, helped my social skills, and given me that final push out of the shy zone.”

  • Mouse Alum, Baruch College Campus High School
  • Mouse Design Portfolio:  Photon Case, Shoe-lavator

Why did you join the “Tech Team” at your school?

Isabela was interested in technology and tinkering from a very young age. She joined her school’s Tech Team and Mouse Design League to further her technical skills and gained a passion for helping others through her interest in tech. “Technology and doing good are a win, win...I like that I am helping people, meeting new people and developing new skills. It is an amazing experience.”

“Mouse has been life changing.  When I joined Mouse, I knew this is what I wanted to do.  Being involved with Mouse has help me to become a better presenter, helped my social skills, and given me that final push out of the shy zone."

How do you feel about being a young woman interested in tech?

Isabela is inspired to be a young woman pursuing her passion in technology and design.  “A lot of people underestimate women and how much they can do in tech.  Knowing that I am in the minority in the STEM field doesn’t belittle me -- it is encouraging.”

What has been the impact of being involved with Green Tech?

Isabela’s interest in green technologies grew as her school’s Mouse Squad advanced through the curriculum last year.  “Originally, I did not have an interest in the environment, but then I realized the impact technology plays. I learned how much technology impacts being green.” Isabela designed an award winning project for the 2014 Emoti-Con Challenge using her knowledge gained from Green Tech.  “At Emoti-Con, when they were calling the finalists, we got so excited.  Being named “Crowd Favorite” was amazing.”

What role have mentors played in your experiences with Mouse?

During her involvement with the Baruch Tech Team, the Mouse Squad at Isabela’s school has worked closely with mentors from Credit Suisse. Isabela has developed a close relationship with her mentors and credits them with providing very helpful advice.  “It’s great knowing that there are people in the corporate world that want to help students.  They provide guidance on marketing, project management, and presenting our projects. It’s phenomenal.”

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