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Design League NYC

A yearlong, funded partnership between Mouse, NYC Public Schools, and 100+ NYC teachers to foster youth voice and digital innovation

Middle and high school teachers at NYC public schools across the city are bringing Mouse's Design League program into their classrooms, guiding student teams as they create meaningful original tech projects, to address a social need in their communities.

Are you interested in the 2023-2024 Design League NYC program?

Building on three years of amazing programming focused on youth voice and digital innovation, Mouse is looking to gauge interest for the 2023-2024 school year. Our application isn't open yet, but if you're interested in being part of Design League next year, please fill out the following interest form:

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“Going from a community of learners to a community of tech creators is really powerful.” – Sofia Russo, Principal at High School for Media and Communications

School Eligibility

★ Are you an NYC public middle school or high school?

★ Are you invested in providing transformative, design thinking-based professional development opportunities for your teachers?

★ Are you interested in bringing career connected learning opportunities through tech industry professional mentorships?

★ Are you committed to fostering youth voice, creativity, and project-based learning?

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STUDENTS & EDUCATORS share Design League's impact in the classrooms:

ALUMNI share Design League's impact on their careers:

“Mouse provided one of the best professional development opportunities that I have ever attended. So creative and thorough. I cannot wait to hit the ground running!” – Mary Beth Quick, Teacher at IS 7 Elias Bernstein

Educator Impact Highlights

Impact Description
7+ hours of Professional Development Empower educators with Design Thinking pedagogy, to transform classroom experiences.
Professional Peer Connections Membership in Design League Professional Learning Communities (PLC) for continued growth
Computer Science Literacy Training Training in Artificial Intelligence, UX/UI, coding, computational thinking
User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Literacy Training in digital app design, wireframing & prototype development
Data-driven Tools for Student Performance Access to pre- and post-student measurement data in SEL & career readiness
Educator Micro-Credential Design Thinking Educator Micro-Credential backed by Credly, obtained by completing the digital portfolio
Digital Portfolios Educators document their program integration plan, their learning and reflection, and their students’ progress
Community Engagement Leadership opportunity with Design League Student App Presentation Day
Content Library Access Access to Design League digital learning platform and curriculum on Mouse Create, which includes over 200+ STEM resources and activities.

Student Impact Highlights

Impact Description
Career Connected Learning Access the problem-finding and problem-solving skills required for accessing the jobs of tomorrow.
University Pathways Connect Design League students to opportunities to further their STEM education at major academic institutions across the country
Tech Professional Mentorships Build relationships with tech professionals who help students see themselves belonging within tech career pathways.
Computer Science & STEM Learning Skills include: Computational Thinking, Digital Fluency, User Research and Design Thinking, User-Centric Design Principles, and Human-Centered Design Methodology
Design Thinking Learning Skills include: Problem-solving and Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Teamwork, Project Management
Social-Emotional & Career Readiness Capacities include: Goal Orientation, Growth Orientation, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Mindset
Communication & Presentation Skills Communicate complex ideas concisely and effectively, enhancing their presentation and public speaking skills.
94% of students grew career readiness capacities (like goal orientation, creativity + innovation).

The highest growth for Student's Career Readiness capacity is seen in Goal Orientation and Creativity and Innovation.

Learn more about student outcomes and see example projects. Design League Main Page >

“There are very few solutions to the problems of this world that are spur of the moment or improvised. Mouse Design League got students thinking and planning carefully about ways to fix a problem, and also collaborating with each other – something that is invaluable, and will prepare them for college and also their future careers.” – David Choi, Teacher at Bronx International High School

About Our Partnership

2022-2023 Mouse Design League Program

In 2022-2023, Mouse supported 69 schools across New York City's five boroughs in partnership with New York City Public Schools.

  • 4438 students -- engaged with Design League curriculum in classrooms and after school programs.

  • 125 teachers -- received professional development and individual coaching sessions, in partnership with each school’s designated Design League Ambassador (Principal, AP, or designee).

  • 100 tech and design professionals -- spent over 200 hours mentoring classes of students and reviewing projects as students developed community-centered design projects.

  • 400+ final projects -- were presented at school-wide fairs, and winners had the opportunity to showcase their projects at the 2023 Emoti-Con.

“Our Mouse Design League students grew so much in just a few months. They got to understand the real-life implications of how to use technology to solve problems.” – Pauline Kim, Teacher at I.S. 145 Magnet School of Innovation and Applied Learning

Additional ways to participate in Design League

Not a NYC public school teacher?

Run Design League yourself (from anywhere!) with the Design with Purpose course on Mouse Create, which has 200+ hands-on projects. Fill out this interest form for more information and get help to running Design League!

Questions? Email:

“Design League gets students to express what they’re thinking, why they believe it is important, what has influenced them to think this way, and what data and justification they have for their beliefs. This is really well-aligned to all of our priority standards and our priority focus skills. And even the fact that Mouse provided a program map for teachers – there was a curriculum map, there was a syllabus, there was a pacing guide. It was just so well put together. And all of the teachers felt really supported.” – Sofia Russo, Principal at High School for Media and Communications

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