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Be part of a community of students and educators that engage with computer science and creative technology to solve real problems and make meaningful change in their schools, communities, and the world around them.

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Whether your school is returning to in-person, continuing virtual, or experimenting with hybrid learning, Mouse is proud to continue our support to provide easily accessible STEM and computer science resources for students, educators, and families.

Mouse Create Membership

With thanks to our corporate and individual supporters, Mouse is excited to provide educators with FREE access for full membership, providing schools with unlimited access to over 350 STEM+CS hands-on projects, including topics like coding, cybersecurity, IT, game design, digital portfolios, design thinking, sewable tech, video making, web literacy, and more. Learn more about all the benefits and curricula available through a Full Membership.

Mouse Create is ideal for hybrid / blended content delivery to students combining synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Mouse Open Projects

Mouse's new curriculum resource, Mouse Open Projects, allows students to get started on our learning content without signing into an account, educator guidance, or materials. We created this resource to help all learners, regardless of their situations, to keep engaging with STEM and computer science in school or at home.

Mouse Open Projects hosts about 20 of the projects that educators can find on our online learning platform, Mouse Create. Projects are updated monthly to help encourage learners to expand their interest in various fields.

Online Professional Development

Mouse is also providing free online professional development sessions to all educators and adults. Sign up for upcoming onboarding sessions on the Mouse events & opportunities page under "Onboarding workshops."

National Youth and Educator Network

Mouse fosters a community for educators from cities across the country to collaborate and share their successes, while giving each the freedom to tailor our content to fit their individual goals.

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About Mouse Create Membership

Mouse Create is our online platform designed for young people to build the skills they need to apply design and technology creatively to the world around them.

Exciting, hands-on projects for the classroom or afterschool programs

Our hands-on, interactive, digital projects inspire STEM and computer science learning in the classroom, afterschool programs, libraries, or makerspaces. Examples include clubs focused on circuitry or coding, game design projects into history classes, or adding 3D design to your arts curriculum.

Monthly Microprojects

Microprojects are monthly challenges for the Mouse Create community to be creative with free web tools and technology. Topics include creating your own font, animating text/drawings, game designing, video making, and many others! See an example here.

Digital Badges to Recognize New Skills and Competencies

Youth over the age of 13 can earn digital badges that can be shared on social networks, college applications, or resumes. Mouse has partnered with Credly, a leading platform for issuing and managing digital credentials recognized by employers, K-12 stakeholders, and universities.

Educator Professional Development

Mouse offers several professional development opportunities for educators, including virtual training, unlimited remote support throughout the entire school year, and a course specifically designed for Mouse Educators. See more resources for our Educators here.

Connect With Us

Connect with our community of educators, connect with our Mouse family members, and more.