Mouse Educators

Educators are at the heart of everything we do at Mouse. We feel incredibly fortunate to work with talented and passionate educators across the country.

Supporting our Mouse Educators

Creative, flexible learning platform

Mouse offers educators the choice to complement their classroom curriculum with our hands-on, creative technology projects on Mouse Create across many different areas, including circuitry, game design, sewable tech, and coding. 

Our projects can enhance learning in many classrooms, including Science, Technology, Art, English, and Social Studies. Learn more about Mouse Create.

Professional Development

Mouse provides opportunities for educators to learn about our platform, network with their peers, and try a few of our hands-on projects from a student's point of view. See for upcoming educator and youth events.

Educator Badge

Whether you’re new to Mouse, or new to Mouse Create, our Educator Course is the perfect place to start! We’ll introduce you to our learning platform, how to find projects and create playlists, and how to award yourself a digital badge.  Learn more about our Mouse Badges and Educator Badges.

National Standards

Mouse learning activities align with various national standards, including Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core, and ISTE standards. See how a few of our Courses meet these standards in this folder.

Facebook Group

Join our online Facebook Community to share resources, upcoming events, and questions with your peers across the Mouse national network.

We’d love to hear stories of cool things happening in your learning site. Please email us -- and tell us your story!