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Educators are at the heart of everything we do at Mouse. We feel incredibly fortunate to work with talented and passionate educators across the country.

At Mouse, we support our educators through free customized Professional Development and membership to our online platform, Mouse Create. Mouse is an approved CTLE sponsor in the state of New York.

Upcoming Professional Development

Mouse is currently offering computer science professional development for the following topics and courses. All educators are encouraged to apply to these free opportunities:

Mouse Design League: Transform teaching & learning through Human-Centered Design approaches to digital innovation. Mouse is proud to be the New York State regional partner for We offer professional development events for educators ranging from K-12.

    More Professional Development Opportunities

    Mouse also offers the following Professional learning workshops to schools, districts, and learning communities upon request:

    Creative, flexible learning platform

    Mouse offers educators the choice to complement their classroom curriculum with our hands-on, creative technology projects on Mouse Create across many different areas, including circuitry, game design, sewable tech, and coding.

    Our projects can enhance learning in many classrooms, including Science, Technology, Art, English, and Social Studies. Learn more about Mouse Create.

    National Standards

    Mouse courses are aligned with national standards such as Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, and ISTE standards. See standard alignment for several of our courses
    in this folder.

    Educator Course

    New to Mouse Create? Our Educator Course will show you how to use our learning platform and badging system with your students.
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    Facebook Community

    Join the Mouse Educator Group on Facebook to stay connected with our staff and other educators across the country. See and share resources and opportunities for educators and students.
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    Connect With Us

    Connect with our community of educators, connect with our Mouse family members, and more.