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“Through Mouse, I’ve designed new projects every year. I have more confidence, feel more natural presenting, and have developed skills in 3D printing, coding and engineering.”

Mouse student, P256Q, Queens
Mouse Design Portfolio:  Locker Helper, Zip Me Up, Sandy & Me, iCover, Joy to the Key, Speak-EZ, Teens Saving Teens
Apprenticeships:  NYC Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications (DoITT), American Museum of Natural History

What projects have you designed for students at your high school?

As a member of Mouse, Anthony has focused on creating assistive and adaptive tech projects for his classmates. His first project The Locker Helper, was designed to assist students with cerebral palsy or in wheelchairs open their lockers with ease.  

When his hometown was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, Anthony created an e-book Sandy & Me to help tell the experiences of other students. “It felt good to tell other people’s stories and to give young people a voice.” Last year, Anthony won the nationwide Mouse “DIY Competition” for his project iCover, which includes “all you ever wanted to know about Apple products.”

“Through Mouse, I’ve designed new projects every year.  I have more confidence, feel more natural presenting, and have developed skills in 3D printing and design, coding and engineering accessible devices.” --Anthony, Mouse Student

How have issues in the news inspired projects you have designed?

After hearing the story of a young boy with autism who left school without anyone noticing, Anthony wanted to design a technology that would protect students in his school.  His project I Got You will help avoid special needs students from leaving school without anyone knowing.   

Anthony is also concerned about the dangers of texting while driving and designed Teens Saving Teens, a box that will fit a phone of any size and keeps it locked while a teen is driving.  He made his project bluetooth-enabled so that teens can safely listen to music while driving

How have your skills evolved through Design League?

As a member of Design League, Anthony continued exploring his interests in creating technology with purpose.  With his team, he created Joy to the Key to assist individuals with disabilities to enter information into a computer with one hand, and Speak-EZ, an app designed to help deaf and hearing impaired people to communicate with those who do not speak sign language.  Design League has been a positive experience working as a team.  I have improved my skills interacting with others and am more confident presenting my projects.”

What’s up next?

Anthony looks forward to designing new projects and hopes to incorporate virtual reality into his projects. After high school, Anthony plans to continue studying technology in college or at a technical school. “Being involved with Mouse helped me to become more mature.  I’ve enjoyed designing projects that help others.”

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