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She is our Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Peizhu

Peizhu Yuan,

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Peizhu joined the Mouse family in her high school sophomore year (Fall 2011) as a Mouse Design League student. After graduating from high school with a passion in programming, she started her college career path as an undergraduate student studying Computer Science at the CUNY College of Staten Island.

During her freshman year in college, she joined the Mouse team in 2015 as the Operations Intern that provides support for the whole team with most of the work work revolving around data entry into Salesforce, designing new marketing collaterals, supporting the thank you process and lots more!As an intern that had great privilege to all aspects of Mouse from learning design to submitting invoices, Peizhu was able to develop great interest and knowledge about the communications and design fields.

Peizhu is now a graduate of the College of Staten Island, and currently serves as the Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Mouse. Her determination and interest for communications design has only grown bigger and bigger. With bilingual proficiency in Chinese, English, and C++, Peizhu hopes to be able to help communicate cout<<"Hi, 你好" to the greater communities that deserves valuable knowledge and opportunities to foster technology for good.

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