Mouse | Abraham


"Mouse has been an amazing experience. It is great knowing that I could create something that would change someone’s life.”

  • Mouse Alum, Hudson High School of Learning Technologies
  • Mouse Design Portfolio:  Gap Assist, Shoe-levator

What is it like attending a high school centered around tech?

Abraham, a senior at Hudson High School of Learning Technologies (HHSLT), has had a strong interest in computers since elementary school. As a freshman at HHSLT, Abraham joined his school’s Mouse program to further his interest in and knowledge of technology. As a member, he found that he enjoyed the responsibility he was given as well as the hands-on experience with all types of technology. Speaking about his involvement with Mouse at Hudson, Abraham reflected that “It felt great to have this responsibility and to be in a group with others that shared the sense of community.  If I had a problem, I knew I had someone who had my back.”

“Mouse has been an amazing experience.  It is great knowing that I could create something that would change someone’s life."

Why did you join Mouse Design Leauge? What was your experience like creating “assistive tech” projects?

After two years of participating in Mouse at his school, Abraham was accepted to the Mouse design and technology program. After “seeing all the amazing activities” at a Mouse Design League “Open House” meeting, Abraham recalls immediately thinking “I need to be a part of this.”  Through Mouse Corps, Abraham design a project called “Gap Assist,” to help individuals with Cerebral Palsy when navigating through the city. “It was great knowing that creating something like Gap Assist would help someone and that this one thing could change their life.  It was an amazing experience.”

What was it like being a mentor in Mouse and with PASE Explorers?

Abraham recalls being a mentor to his peers as early as middle school. As a Mouse Design League member, Abraham says he saw “a lot of himself” in his team’s year-long, legacy project mentor. Throught his involvement with Mouse, Abraham also mentored youth across NYC through teaching them how to create with webmaking tools as a “Mozilla Webmaking Mentor.” Mentoring youth inspired Abraham to continued learning and utilizing the tools, saying that he feels a sense of accomplishment” whenever he uses the content in his own projects.

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