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“Through Mouse, I learned how to analyze and solve problems, and how to relate to people. Mouse taught me that technology always has a human element.”

  • Mouse Alum, School of the Future (2009); BA, Sociology, Susquehanna University (2013)

  • Senior Analyst, W20 Group (2014 - Present)

  • Apprenticeships:  Citi, Davis Polk, Time Warner, Tekserve

What interested in you in getting involved in Mouse?

Ryan was involved in Mouse throughout middle and high school.  When one of his 6th grade teachers noticed that he enjoyed working with technology, she recommended that he get involved in Mouse.  During the first few years, Ryan handled technical issues for teachers and other students in his school.

“Mouse really helped me to develop empathy, relate with people and understand what they need.  It started with Mouse when I was 12, working with teachers and helping them.  I learned that technology always has a human element.”

What other opportunities did you have through Mouse?

In 10th grade, Ryan joined the Mouse Design League program (formerly Mouse Corps), through which students design technology projects that have a positive impact on others.  At that time, the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) was new and many were not familiar with how to use it.  Ryan decided to create a tutorial for the OLPC and had the honor of presenting his tutorial to the developer of OLPC, Nicholas Negroponte, at a Mouse event.

Through Mouse, Ryan also participated in career readiness workshops and had professional internships at Citi, Davis Polk, TekServe and Time Warner.  “My first internship at Citi was a great learning experience.  The single best preparation was being in that environment.  I learned how to present myself professionally and develop relationships with my team.  Mouse gave me an understanding of the corporate world.”

“Having those experiences really made a difference when I was applying for jobs. Even though my background was in technology, I also had experiences in finance, law, and media.  I had a nice resume for someone my age, that was because of Mouse.”

“As a result of Mouse, I developed skills in problem solving, public speaking, working with and understanding others."

How did these experiences impact your college years?

Ryan graduated with a degree in Sociology from Susquehanna University. He felt confident in the technology skills he developed through Mouse, but was inspired learn more about social behavior and how people interact in groups.  

“Working with technology has the impact to reach more people and make a positive impact.  I was interested in studying sociology to use my technology skills to impact groups of individuals in a positive way.”

Tell me about your current role?

Ryan is a Senior Analyst at W20 Group, a family of integrated marketing and communications agencies that use data to drive meaningful connections. Ryan’s role involves leveraging social media metrics to identify insights that inform the strategic goals of his clients.  

“One of the reasons I went into technology was because it felt good to help people.  Now in my role, I like helping my clients reach those who need them the most.”

Ryan sees the many skills he has brought to this role from his experiences with Mouse.  “As a result of Mouse, I developed skills in problem solving, public speaking, working with and understanding others.  I also learned to quickly adapt to new technologies.  I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing if it weren’t for Mouse.”

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