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"Mouse has helped me to solidify my ideas in what I believe in -- to be a citizen of change.”

  • Mouse Alum, P256Q
  • Mouse Design Portfolio:  IT Repair Manual for Students with Special Needs, Sandy & Me iBook, Travel App, Mixing Buddy, RemoveVac
  • Apprenticeships:  Northrop Grumman, Time Inc. and REV-

How has being on the Mouse Squad helped you to improve the lives of other students?

Khaleel joined Mouse to go more in-depth and find solutions to help other students with disabilities.  With the Mouse team at his school, Khaleel has designed an IT Repair Manual and TAP, a set of tools that people with disabilities can use to make their day to day life easier, including a locker opener and zipper pull.

“Mouse has helped me to solidify my ideas in what I believe in -- to be a citizen of change.”

What projects have you designed through Mouse Design League?

Khaleel worked with his Mouse Design League team to create “Travel App,” to help visually impaired individuals to travel around the city.  Beyond traditional navigation, this app also informs of any obstacles or hazards that may impact their travel.  He also worked on the design and prototype of “Mixing Buddy,” to assist individuals with Cerebral Palsy while cooking.

How did your Squad respond to Hurricane Sandy?

Khaleel and his team continued to provide exceptional technical support after the hurricane, even finding ways to offer support remotely to students and teachers in their schools.  They also created an iBook called Sandy & Me, which captures the extraordinary experiences of youth as a result of his superstorm.

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