Mouse | Mouse Create Circuitry & Electronics Course

Mouse Create Circuitry & Electronics Course

The Circuitry & Electronics course encourages students to design, create, tinker, and build with technology. Youth build analog circuits using LEDs, transistors, and sensors, and learn to program an Arduino microcontroller to create a digital music maker and light chaser.

The Circuitry & Electronics Course materials can be purchased through Sparkle Labs as the “Discover Arduino Bundle.” Each kit serves approximately 2-4 students.

Mouse has designed several courses as recommended learning sequences for groups that want to focus on competency areas that complement one another thematically. Learn more about our Mouse Courses.

Course Projects

Simple Circuit with one LED, one Resistor, and one battery pack

Simple circuit with one LED, one resistor, and one battery pack for power

Girls working on decorating their light-up creature with blue tape

Students working on decorating their light-up creature together

girl displaying her unicorn looking light-up creature

Student displaying her unicorn looking light-up creature

Group of girls building their circuits based on their design on paper

Group of girls building their circuits based on their designs

Student testing his circuit that has a potentiometer (dimmer)

Student testing his circuit with a potentiometer (dimmer)

circuit with speaker and Arduino

Programming a circuit with a speaker using an Arduino

  • The Human Circuit: Discover how electricity flows in a circuit by creating a human circuit using your own body's conductivity.
  • Light-Up Creature: Learn how simple circuits work by creating an LED light-up creature.
  • Building with a Breadboard: Build a simple lamp that lights up with the push of a button while learning the basics of prototyping and powering circuits on a breadboard.
  • Light Dimmers and Intelligent Sensors: Control the resistance of an LED circuit using different parts and understand how Ohm's Law works.
  • Transistor Nightlight: Make a circuit with a transistor that will turn an LED light on when it is dark.
  • Intro to the Arduino: Create and program a digital blinking LED light circuit with an Arduino microcontroller.
  • LED Light Chaser: Program an Arduino microcontroller to make an LED light show and edit the code to come up with your own light patterns!
  • Arduino Sound Machine: Build and code a music-playing circuit using an Arduino.
  • Arduino Nightlight: Build a digital nightlight with an Arduino and an analog photoresistor.
  • Design your own Digital Circuit: Design your own Arduino-controlled invention by researching, brainstorming, and creating a detailed parts list and blueprint.
  • Build your own Digital Circuit: Turn your original design into a real digital circuit prototype by building, testing, and improving over several iterations.


On Mouse Create, youth ages 13 and older have the opportunity to earn digital badges through Credly to recognize their accomplishments, which they can share on social media networks and college applications.

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