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What is Mouse CreateCon?

Mouse CreateCon is our annual Mouse Educator Conference, a full day of professional development for Mouse Educators from NYC and across the country. The day includes hands-on workshops led by Mouse staff, opportunities to collaborate and network with new and experienced Mouse educators. And lots of fun!


Mouse CreateCon will feature workshops that give you an opportunity to experience Mouse's tech-based projects, first hand. These workshops will include:

  • Intro To Mouse: Our introductory course on how to use Mouse Create and start your Mouse Program.
  • Our brand new Video Creator Course: Mouse’s new media course aims to equip students with the basic skills and insights needed to navigate today’s multimedia landscape with tools they already have on hand.
  • Digital Portfolios: A course aimed at helping student design digital learning portfolios that will allow them to track successes in their school and design high-quality digital portfolios that they can confidently show off to employers or college admissions counselors.

  • Coding: This course introduces learners to front-end web design skills with activities on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Serious Games Unity Projects: Two new projects showing students how to create video games using a professional software, called Unity.
  • Design with Purpose: This course teaches youth to research, brainstorm, prototype, and share their own technology innovation. By practicing and applying the Human-Centered Design process, youth will learn to empathize with their users and design technologies that address an authentic need.

  • Cross-curricular humanities: Teachers that teach non-STEM classes will be introduced to ways in which they can incorporate STEM into their classrooms.


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