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Mouse Create Impact Game Design Course

The Impact Game Design course introduces youth to the building blocks of game design and the world of socially responsible gaming. Participants then research, design, and code a game prototype in Scratch. All Mouse projects are aligned to national standards.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to create an impact game for the Games for Change Student Challenge, a national video game competition for middle and high school students. Create a game about one of the themes from the Student Challenge and you could win prizes, recognition and scholarships!

Mouse has designed several courses as recommended learning sequences for groups that want to focus on competency areas that complement one another thematically. Learn more about our Mouse Courses.

Design an Impact Game for the Student Challenge

Course Projects

  • Intro to Game Design: Explore Game Design fundamentals through play.
  • Core Mechanics: Discover how Core Mechanics drive all games.
  • Goals, Obstacles & Chance: Explore Game Design vocabulary through play.
  • Found Object Game: Create an Analog (Tabletop) Game.
  • What is Scratch?: Get familiar with MIT’s Scratch.
  • Games from Scratch: Create your first Scratch game from simple instructions.
  • It’s the Remix: Remix someone else’s Scratch game to create your own version.
  • Impact Game Judge: Explore games that have a purpose beyond just entertainment.
  • Grow-A-Game: Practice brainstorming ideas for new games.
  • Scratch Impact Game: Create or remix a Scratch game about an issue of your choice.

Related Projects

  • Haunted House Music: Let's make some great music to celebrate halloween this season!
  • Unity Lander 1: Remixing a level of a simple game with Unity professional game making software.
  • Unity Lander 2: Build a simple physics based game with Unity.
  • Write the Future: Learn to use Twine to create a digital Choose Your Own Adventure-style game while thinking about how Earth supports life.


On Mouse Create, youth ages 13 and older have the opportunity to earn digital badges through Credly to recognize their accomplishments, which they can share on social media networks and college applications.

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