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Mouse Create Intro to Design Course

The Intro to Design course gives youth the skills they need to begin creating original graphics, visual displays, animations, and models. Learners will discover the essential elements to consider when engaging in graphic and 3D design. They will also practice their skills with color wheels, layout techniques, and typefaces in order to create 3D models.

Mouse has designed several courses as recommended learning sequences for groups that want to focus on competency areas that complement one another thematically. Learn more about our Mouse Courses.

Course Projects

Top view of MakerBot 3D printer in motion

A MakerBot 3D printer

MakerBot 3D printer and printed objects

A MakerBot 3D printer and some sample objects printed

students and educators learning to put together a MakerBot 3D Printer

Students and Educators can work together to figure out putting together a 3D printer to understand all functions of each part

two girls working on understanding the parts of a MakerBot 3D printer

Understanding how a 3D printer work can be great group work!

Group of students designing and looking at the 3D printer while printing their designs

Designing 3D objects online while observing how the objects are being printed gives a better visual to your design

female student replacing filament roll located behind the printer

student designing 3D model online in

  • Basic Elements of Graphic Design: Take the first steps in designing by going through the basic thought process of a professional designer.
  • Meet the Color Wheel: Learn about colors and how designers use it to attract audiences.
  • Pick a Palette: Learn how to pick appropriate color schemes and how to change them on websites.
  • Designing Layout: Test your skills by creating collages and learn from visiting other people's collages.
  • Typography: Designing Fonts: Learn why different fonts are important in design and create your own!
  • Basic Elements of 3D: Discover the basics of creating 3D models with simple shapes.
  • Drawing in 3D: Learn the basics of adding the third dimension to to your 2D designs!
  • Moving to the CAD World: Step into a new dimension that turns 2D shapes into digital 3D objects!
  • Model Something Real in CAD: Practice your 3D design skills by creating a digital version of a real life object.
  • Build a House with SketchUp: Learn to create 3D models in a more professional way using Trimble's SketchUp Make Software.
  • Design a Keychain with SketchUp: Sharpen your knowledge of 3D design by creating your own object using Trimble's SketchUp Make Software.

Related Projects

  • Epic Font: Design a unique font in Glyphr Studio!
  • Design is Everywhere: Explore the world through the eyes of a designer. Learn the fundamentals of design, and make choices about what makes design more or less successful.


On Mouse Create, youth ages 13 and older have the opportunity to earn digital badges through Credly to recognize their accomplishments, which they can share on social media networks and college applications.

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