Mouse | February Microproject: Cinema Coder

February 04, 2020

February Microproject: Cinema Coder

Have you ever wondered how code makes a web page? Behind every website, there is a “source code” that tells your Internet browser how the page should look. In most cases, this source code is composed of HTML and CSS. In this project, you will practice making a fun movie poster using some basic HTML and CSS in Glitch!

Your challenge is to make a movie poster using HTML & CSS in Glitch!

Get Started!

Find the Cinema Coder Microproject on Mouse Create and follow the steps. Then paste the direct URL link to your movie poster and submit this project to your group.

Not a member of Mouse Create yet?

Ask your teacher to sign up for a free Spark Membership. After they have set up your group, you can create a new account and enter your group code to get started. Navigate to the Project Finder and one of the first projects will be the Cinema Coder Microproject. Click the project and follow the steps to complete the competition.


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