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February 01, 2018

Mouse "Code a Card" February Microproject

In our modern age of instant messaging, texting and ever-present contact, it can be a pleasant change of pace to receive a greeting card in the mail or even a virtual e-card in your inbox. It could be nostalgia for the pre-internet world or just an appreciation for pop-up illustrations, but there’s something about a card personalized with your name and an inside joke or two that really warms the heart. This month, we want you to keep someone special in mind--maybe a parent, friend, teacher or someone you look up to-- and make them something unique.

Your challenge is to program an interactive greeting card in Scratch.

Find the Code a Card project in the project finder and follow the instructions. To submit, copy and paste the url to your interactive greeting card as text evidence on Mouse Create and submit this project to your educator!


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