September 08, 2017

Mouse Create Updates: Project Gallery & My Work

With support from the National Science Foundation, we have released two new features to Mouse Create that will help students organize, share and export their work: the “Project Gallery” and the “My Work” area.

Project Gallery

Now, whenever students upload their work on Mouse Create, they will have the option to “Publish to Project Gallery”.  If they select “yes” their work will be shared with other students across the Mouse network in the Project Gallery, which is a new tab within the Projects area of the site.  Students can view, discuss and leave feedback on each other’s work, including submissions to our Monthly MicroProject Competitions.  Mouse will also select and highlight exceptional work to feature in the Project Gallery.  Check out this screencast to see how it works:

My Work

Developed to support our Digital Portfolios course, the new “My Work” area within the profile page allows students to curate, categorize and export their best work on Mouse Create.  Our hope is that this feature will help students evaluate their learning, organize work by categories like “for my college applications” or “for my web design portfolio”.  Exported work gets downloaded as a zip file for saving anywhere.  Here’s how it works:

Check out the Help & Tools site for more details, or login to Mouse Create to give these features a try!


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