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November 06, 2019

Mouse Design League was at Insider Inc!

Insider recently hosted a group of students from Mouse for a day of educational sessions. Mouse is a national youth development nonprofit that believes in technology as a force for good. The group of Mouse Design League students and alumni visited their NYC headquarters for an office visit featuring sessions led by Insider Inc. employees in a broad range of roles.

Here’s how the day unfolded.

Starting with lunch and a learning session hosted by Software Engineer, Starr Chen. While the students enjoyed lunch, Starr gave a presentation on what a typical day as a software engineer involves. She also shared her career path into the role.

starr chen.jpg

Next up, Senior Manager of Test Engineering, Chaithra Rao, spoke to the students about her job and the team, which builds tools to help identify and resolve issues that arise throughout the engineering process. Most students weren’t familiar with the field, so this was an informative session.

chaithra rao.jpg

Associate Animation Producer, Gina Echevarria, gave an overview of how the animation team’s visualizes complex ideas — including character animation and data visualization — for a number of different teams including business, food, entertainment, and tech. She shared some of her work, including a video about fruit flies.

After several informative sessions, Media Studios Operation Manager, Corey Protin, took the students on a tour of the green screen room, audio room, news desk, and other studios rooms. The timing was perfect — Associate Producer Beauty & Style, Celia Skvaril, was shooting in one of the studio rooms, so the Mouse visitors had a chance to see a live shoot in action.


After the tour, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Designer, Joan Gonzalez, put together an interactive presentation about UX, color theory, and why it’s important. Most of the students didn’t know what UX was before Joan’s presentation and they were enthusiastic to learn more.


Students took a quick break, and then Branded Content Producer, Alli Guerra, came to talk about Insider Studios and some of her favorite pieces of work. Alli finished up by giving students tips on how to present their work and emphasized that they need to believe in and be confident in their creations.

Next, Photo Editor, Hollis Johnson talked about his career path at Insider from intern to editor at Insider, and shared a slideshow of his work, including portraits of celebrities, politicians, and entertainers, with anecdotes about each photo.

The day’s programming wrapped in a Q&A session with our Director of Revenue Analytics, Ilan Bielas. He explained how the team uses data and analytics to help inform business decisions, how they wrangle multiple data sources into a cohesive narrative, and touched on the different career paths within the field.


After a full day of presentations, the students left the company inspired to explore tech and engineering career paths.

Read the original article by Cici Qin from Insider Inc.

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