Mouse | Mouse "Pixel Mosaic" MicroProject

September 04, 2018

Mouse "Pixel Mosaic" MicroProject

Back in 2017, over a million internet users on the website Reddit banded together — coloring a one million pixel canvas, one pixel at a time — to create one of the largest collaborative artworks ever made. The creation looks wild and uncoordinated in some places but it’s a testament to the collaborative power of the internet and a great metaphor for how big of an effect even the smallest individual actions can have when given time and collective effort. This month we would like you to think about your goals for the year and the small steps you can take to achieve them. Then make some pixel art that you feel represents your goals. We’ll take all your pixel art submissions at month’s end and piece together a collage of our own!

Your challenge is to make a pixel art image that represents your goals for the year!

Find the Pixel Mosaic project in the project finder and follow the instructions. Then upload your pixel art as an image file and submit this project to your educator!


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