Mouse | No Such Thing, Episode 45: "Code of Ethics"

December 06, 2018

No Such Thing, Episode 45: "Code of <b>Ethics</b>"

Listen now to No Such Thing, to celebrate computer science education week (#CSEdWeek) with Anil Dash & Natasha Singer, and aspiring young engineer, Brenda through discovering the "downstream effects" of technology.

Listen to No Such Thing: Episode 45

I was extremely honored to be invited by friends at CSTA-NYC to help produce a live episode of the show on the topic of Tech and Ethics. We called the event "Code of Ethics" and my thanks in particular to the kind and hardworking folks in the Audio-Visual department at Microsoft, NY, who hosted the event.

Anil Dash is the CEO of Glitch, formerly Fogcreek Software, and host of Vox Media's new show on Tech and Society, Function, and long-time advocate for a more socially-minded technology sector, it's engineers, leadership, and the policy that structures (or doesn't) decisions about what gets made.

Natasha Singer is a reporter for the NY Times Business Section, who covers Tech and has a special focus on accountability.

And Brenda is a NYC Public School student who dreams of becoming a software engineer. She is a 1st generation Dominican-American and passionate about women in tech.

This conversation was a journey into some of the most serious issues that all of us should be grappling with during Computer Science Education week. Thousands of events, big and small, are being logged globally tying into CS Education, but what could be more important than a step back to think about what, in the course of the conversation, we refer to as tech's "downstream effects."

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