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September 19, 2017

No Such Thing, Episode One: Learning & Making at Beam Center, Brooklyn by Marc Lesser

Listen now to No Such Thing, Episode One: Learning & Making at Beam Center, Brooklyn. No Such Thing is a new podcast by Marc Lesser, Mouse Senior Director of Learning Design about "the promise and reality of learning with technology".

Episode One: Learning & Making at Beam Center

I talk with Allen Riley and Dov Alperin about experiences from a maker learning space in Brooklyn, NY.

In this episode, I interview a talented educator, Allen Riley, who, like so many practitioners in this space, loves designing experiences that help others discover the world the way does through his own art. And Dov Alperin, a wise and deeply reflective 13-year old coming up at MS442. I talk more with Beam Center’s co-founder, Brian Cohen, in a future episode, and Dov and Allen graciously offer a tour of the center in a short episode that I will release between the two. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy our conversation in this episode about learning and making from Beam Center in Brooklyn New York.

Notes from this episode:
Beam Camp
Beam Center
Servo Moter
Allen Riley, Dove Alperin’s site

About No Such Thing

The show is about learning with technology, the realities and exciting potential, but it’s also about youth and the practitioners who support them –- youth developers, museum educators, teachers, mentors, counselors, parents–as they grow their identity, and journey forward.

The show is produced in partnership with City University of New York’s Masters Program in Youth Studies (learn more on the School of Professional Studies website) and Mouse, a national youth development nonprofit that believes in technology as a force for good.

The music in this podcast was produced by Leroy Tindy, a guest in episode zero. You can find him on SoundCloud at AirTindi Beats.

The podcast is produced by Marc Lesser. Marc is a specialist in the fields of digital learning and youth development with broad experience designing programming and learning environments in local and national contexts. Marc is currently the Youth Studies Fellow at City University of New York, and directs the national efforts to design and develop web-based and live offerings for Mouse.

Marc is the co-founder of Emoti-Con NYC, New York’s biggest youth digital media and technology festival, and in 2012 was named a National School Boards Association “20-to-Watch” among national leaders in education and technology. Connect with Marc on Twitter @malesser, or by email

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