Mouse | No Such Thing, “Follow-up on Autism & MakerEd With Dave Wells”

July 11, 2018

No Such Thing, “Follow-up on Autism & MakerEd With Dave Wells”

Listen now to No Such Thing, Episode "Follow-up on Autism & MakerEd With Dave Wells". In this episode, the conversation extends with David Wells to discover the implementation of educator training for inclusion classrooms.

Listen to No Such Thing: Follow-up on Autism & MakerEd With Dave Wells

If you're getting to this episode without having given a listen to Episode 34 on MakerEd and Autism, hit pause and back up one episode. This one won't land without its predecessor. In fact, when I recorded this interview, it was intended as a segment that I would drop into 34, but the more I tried to make it work, the less I liked it. I didn't want to interrupt the previous conversation, and I didn't want to give short shrift to Dave Wells, who's a critical piece of the Maker Educator puzzle in NYC. So much so that I'm mashing up some of the conversation I have had with him previously on the show to fill in some context on NYSCI, the NY Hall of Science, where Dave works, and to round out the episode.

The first part of the interview you're about to hear is from the Manhattan Make-A-Thon earlier this year where I had a chance to sit with Dave and talk about the work at NYSCI. If you prefer to skip forward to the details in the second half about how Dave and the NSF-funded research team from NYU and Education Development Center implemented the project - head to ~8:30.

David Wells, Director of Maker Programming, is responsible for all programming and activities in NYSCI’s Maker Space. He oversees the design and implementation of maker-related programs which engage families, students, and visitors of all ages, he's a “maker of things” in his own right, and designs sight specific interactive art installations using discarded technology, audio experimentation, and digital media He received his B.F.A. from F.I.T. and a Masters in Museum Education from Bank Street.

Notes from the Episode:

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