Mouse | October Microproject: 2D-to-3D Modeler
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October 01, 2019

October Microproject: 2D-to-3D Modeler

Recently, museums around the world have been looking at ways to digitize their artwork and make it viewable through virtual or augmented reality. That’s because through the use of some sophisticated software, we can now make digital copies of famous paintings, sculptures and artifacts so that people can experience them from anywhere in the world without making an expensive trip to a museum. Some inventive new ideas are forming thanks to these technologies, like the Kremer Museum, a museum that has no physical location and is experienced entirely in VR! In this activity, you’ll explore the process of preparing an artwork for the virtual space by depicting a 2D artwork in 3D.

Your challenge is to make a 3D model representation of a 2D artwork!

Get Started!

Find the 2D-to-3D Modeler Microproject on Mouse Create and follow the steps. Then paste the direct URL link to your 3D model and submit this project to your group.

Not a member of Mouse Create yet?

Ask your teacher to sign up for a free Spark Membership. After they have set up your group, you can create a new account and enter your group code to get started. Navigate to the Project Finder and one of the first projects will be the 2D-to-3D Modeler Microproject. Click the project and follow the steps to complete the competition.


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