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December 06, 2021

Spread #CSEverywhere with Mouse!

Did you know that December 6-12 is Computer Science Education Week (#CSEdweek) around the world? While teachers and advocates work to spread #CSEverywhere, millions of students across the globe can also assist their heroes by spending as little as one hour to code a project with the theme #CSforGood.

Our newest Microproject is called #CSforGood Scratch Impact Game and is designed specifically to be used as an hour of code activity. Are you not sure how to get started with Hour of Code? Check out the list of Frequently Asked Questions below!

Who should participate in Hour of Code?!

The hour of code is open to all educators (not just technology teachers)! The event will allow you and your students to create a game with a purpose that can tie into any subject. Are you a History teacher looking to connect students to issues around current events? What about a Health teacher discussing nutrition in class? This project could be for you and your students!

How will students make their game?

Students will choose a topic and create their game in Scratch, a block-based coding language. Whether your students are new to Scratch or they have been using it for years, this project will allow them (and you) to work at your own pace and create a game that they will enjoy sharing.

Get Started!

Find the Scratch #CSforGood Impact Game Microproject on Mouse Create and follow the steps. Then share and upload a URL to your Scratch program in Mouse Create.

Not a member of Mouse Create yet?

No problem! You don’t need to be a Mouse Create member to participate or be eligible to win a prize. Anyone can access the Microproject from Click on the Holiday Microproject and follow the steps to complete the competition.


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