Mouse | Video Games, VR, and Pizza at PlayTech Saturday


November 14, 2017

Video Games, VR, and Pizza at PlayTech Saturday

On Saturday, November 11th, young people from across NYC gathered at Parsons The New School for Design to test new video games, board games, physical games, virtual reality experiences, technology projects, and more! After eating free pizza and playing games everyone had the chance to win a USB backup battery by giving the designers feedback on their projects.

PlayTech Saturday: Project Highlights

This year we saw some of the coolest projects we’ve ever had at PlayTech: several xbox multiplayer games were made in Unity, PlayTech attendees got to explore Virtual Reality experiences and Augmented Reality Projects— including an app that let’s you draw in 3D space with AR! (see below)

Some games were physical games that require you to jump around, some were tabletop games that required you to think or act quickly.

Some projects were just cool tech toys, like this project that changes color in a drawing program depending on how hard you squeeze two puzzle pieces together.

Thank you to everyone who came out to PlayTech! See more photos from Fall PlayTech Saturday on Flickr and stay tuned for PlayTech's return in the spring!


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