Mouse | Winners for Mouse Microproject: Scratch #CSforGood Impact Game

February 02, 2021

Winners for Mouse Microproject: Scratch #CSforGood Impact Game

Over the last two months, our competition tasked you all to turn a Scratch Game into a game that brings attention to an issue you are passionate about. This particular challenge celebrated both the yearly Hour of Code and the growing Impact Games movement which features games designed around real-world issues. We had just as much fun playing your many submissions as we did learning from them! We were pleasantly surprised to see the many creative ways you were able to change a starter Scratch Game into a creation that was uniquely your own! Thanks for all the awesome submissions!

Grand Prize

Our Grand Prize winner, taking home a $25 Amazon Gift Card, is CyberBully 1980 by Nullptr from Rogers Middle School in Long Beach, California! Nullptr’s game focuses on cyberbullying, and addresses the issue through a series of mini-games. Each game addresses a way to help stop cyber-bullying in a fast and fun way. Congratulations Nullptr!

1st Runner Up

The first runner-up spot goes to Grandpa by BryanBautista from Helen Bernstein High School in Los Angeles, California! BryanBautista focused on the Covid-19 pandemic. In the game, the player is a cell inside lungs which have been affected by Covid-19. Your goal is to navigate through each of the levels, destroying the virus along the way. Excellent work BryanBautista!

2nd Runner Up

Finally, our 2nd runner-up place goes to Bully Blaster by Jwallace from St. Edmund Preparatory High School in Brooklyn, New York! Jwallace also focuses on cyber-bullying and your goal here is to destroy as many mean comments before they get put on social media. Great job Jwallace!

Honorable Mentions:

The Holiday contest is officially closed but there are still many more coming up this school year. The current Microproject is open for submissions! Your challenge is to make an animated GIF in the 8-Bit pixel art style.


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