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June 07, 2021

Winners for Mouse Microproject: Wild Digital Pet

Last month, we challenged you all to design a virtual pet in Scratch based on one of your favorite wild creatures. We mentioned the long history we humans have had domesticating plants and animals and we could feel the interest in wildlife come through in the many submissions we received from you all. Some were informative and educational while others were fun and lighthearted but all of them reminded us to appreciate our planet and the many wonderful creatures we get to share it with. Thanks for all your terrific submissions!

Grand Prize

Taking the top spot as our Grand Prize winner is NoobyBoy67 from Rogers Middle School in Long Beach, California. Their digital pet program called Take Care of Turtle has you caring for a pet turtle and learning along the way. If you feed your turtle appropriately, you can earn points to eventually unlock new houses, and even mini-games to play with your turtle. There are great educational facts spread throughout the project as well where you can learn about the foods turtles can eat as well as things that can be harmful such as straws and plastic bags. Excellent work NoobyBoy67!

1st Runner Up

Our 1st Runner up is rachelu13 from J.H.S. 157 Stephen A. Halsey in Queens, New York. They were able to create a hedgehog as their digital pet. In their project, you can learn about hedgehogs by tapping various icons. They added great information about the predators, how hedgehogs protect themselves, where they live, hide and eat along with some amazing animations as well! From tunneling underground to sleep, to defending itself against an owl, they created an amazing hedgehog digital pet. Amazing work rachelu13!

2nd Runner Up

Our 2nd Runner Up is Doge492 from The Math And Science Exploratory School in Brooklyn, New York. They created a pet shark where you can not only swim around and eat fish, but also learn various facts about sharks as well. Really interactive and well-put-together project. Great work Doge492!

Though this month is over, The June Microproject competition is now open! This month your challenge is to make a pixel art image that represents your achievements from this past year!


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