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April 16, 2020

Winners for Mouse Microprojects: Cinema Coder & Earthling Music

Wherever you are and however well you are doing while reading this, the Mouse team understands that these last few months have been difficult. We hope you continue to push forward through the months ahead with the grit, ingenuity, creativity and talent that we have come to expect from the educators and students in our learning community. Back in February we asked you all to make a movie poster using HTML & CSS in Glitch and in March, you were challenged to make an original song in Soundation! Thanks to all our participants for your terrific submissions!

Grand Prize - February

Our Grand Prize Winner for the month of February, taking home a $25 Amazon Gift Card, is The Sims: The Movie by Eghovde from Burnsville Senior High School in Burnsville, Minnesota! There’s so much to appreciate about this submission: the chosen background image and overall theme work well with added details like the green text shadow to match the trademark green of The Sims video games. We also adored the Sims character icons placed above the heads of each of the actors in the film. Great work from Eghovde!

Grand Prize - March

Our Grand Prize Winner for the month of March, also taking home a $25 Amazon Gift Card, is this song by Sabrina H from Parkside Preparatory Academy in Brooklyn, New York! Sabrina H expertly sampled at least 2 separate sounds from NASA’s Golden Record to produce this song that would surely be a hit in any Star Wars cantina out there in deep space. Excellent work, Sabrina H!

Our current competition is sure to pique the interest of any aspiring video content creators out there! This month your challenge is to create a short stop motion video!


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