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March 12, 2019

Winners for Web Animator Microproject Challenge

Last month, to commemorate the phasing out of Adobe Flash we challenged you all to make an interactive animation using Wick Editor, a web tool used to make animations and interactive games just like people once did in Flash. There was a lot of room for creativity and exploration in Wick Editor and your many submissions showed us just how fun, colorful and inventive these kinds of interactive web applications can be. Thank you all for your fantastic submissions!

Grand Prize

Our Grand Prize winner is an interactive food animation made by NamuForLife from McPherson Magnet School in Orange, California! Download the linked HTML file and open it in your browser to see this well made animation yourself. NamuForLife included three edible options: M&M's, a hot dog, and an ice cream cone. You can choose to either bite, burn or throw away each food item to then see a connected animation. We found this submission to be impressive because of the many levels of buttons NamuForLife coded into the app with javascript. You can even interact with the food items themselves since they have been programmed to work as buttons. Coding so many buttons without any glitches or mistakes shows a great level of understanding of how the underlying javascript code makes each button instance work. Excellent work, NamuForLife!

1st Runner Up

Our 1st Runner up is a stick figure animation made by 321kazukiI at P.S. 139 in Queens, New York! We tend to get a lot of high quality submissions from this school and 321kazukiI’s work was a great example of this. Download the linked HTML file and open this interactive app in your web browser. You’ll find a stick figure who can perform a number of actions like shrinking, and becoming a zombie once you press one of the available buttons. The javascript works perfectly to send the user exactly where 321kazukiI wants them to go and there’s a lot of humour to liven up the options. Try pressing the grayed secret button in the top right for another surprise option. Terrific job, 321kazukiI!

2nd Runner Up


Our 2nd Runner up was a somersault animation made by holtj222 from Burnsville Senior High School in Burnsville, Minnesota! Download the linked HTML file and open it in your browser to see this animation too. This interactive animation is fairly straightforward with a single button and connected animation sequence, but we appreciated the level of work that went into making the movement seem smooth and continuous throughout. Holtj222 does a great job of drawing the stick figure’s turns and spins as it somersaults its way to the right side of the screen. Great work, holtj222!

Our honorable mentions go out this month to:

Our Grand Prize winner will receive a $50 Adafruit Gift Certificate for their school, and our 1st and 2nd Runners up will each win a prize of their choice from our new prize chest.

We’re two weeks into the new month and our current monthly contest! This month your challenge is to design your own font in Glyphr Studio!


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