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Hear directly from our students about their experiences with Mouse.


Software Engineer, Designer, Creator

“I would not be where I am if it weren’t for Mouse - my communication skills, confidence in the professional world and connections I have made. Mouse opened so many doors for me.” Read more >


Creator, Designer

“Mouse taught me about leadership and understanding the user experience. Interviewing, understanding visual cues and coming up with ideas -- how to go from nothing to something.” Read more >


Designer, Creator

“Mouse shaped everything for me, from helping me to speak more confidently to inspiring my interest in designing technology to help others.” Read more >

“Mouse has opened my eyes to the idea of design. I’ve learned that tech with purpose means going beyond what’s given to you to implement something bigger. It’s rewarding to be part of something that will make someone’s life a little easier.” --Karila


“Mouse gives young people agency and the feeling that they then can make it happen. Once you think about using technology for a purpose, it becomes integral to who you are.” Read more >


Developer, Technologist

“Mouse taught me the importance of giving back and inspired me to start my own business. Beyond technology, Mouse sparked confidence in me.” Read more >


Creator, Innovator, Maker of Change

“Being involved in Mouse made me who I am. Mouse taught me to believe in myself and to create something that will have a lasting impact.” Read more >

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