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Hear directly from our students about their experiences with Mouse.


Software Engineer, Designer, Creator

“I would not be where I am if it weren’t for Mouse - my communication skills, confidence in the professional world and connections I have made. Mouse opened so many doors for me.” Read more >


Creator, Designer

“Mouse taught me about leadership and understanding the user experience. Interviewing, understanding visual cues and coming up with ideas -- how to go from nothing to something.” Read more >


Designer, Creator

“Mouse shaped everything for me, from helping me to speak more confidently to inspiring my interest in designing technology to help others.” Read more >

“Through Mouse, I’ve designed new projects every year.  I have more confidence, feel more natural presenting, and have developed skills in 3D printing and design, coding and engineering accessible devices.” --Anthony


“Mouse gives young people agency and the feeling that they then can make it happen. Once you think about using technology for a purpose, it becomes integral to who you are.” Read more >


Developer, Technologist

“Mouse taught me the importance of giving back and inspired me to start my own business. Beyond technology, Mouse sparked confidence in me.” Read more >


Creator, Innovator, Maker of Change

“Being involved in Mouse made me who I am. Mouse taught me to believe in myself and to create something that will have a lasting impact.” Read more >

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