Mouse Stories

Hear directly from our students about their experiences with Mouse.


Immigrant, Womxn, Creative Innovator

“My experiences with Mouse created a part of my identity and helped me to realize that the importance of technology is how you can positively impact people.” Read more >


Technician, Creator, Changemaker

“Through Mouse, I met individuals that shared the same passions and interests, who came together around a common goal, became friends, and worked as a force toward something good.” Read more >


Social Entrepreneur, Change Maker

"Mouse inspired me to pursue technology in 7th grade. Mouse sparked my curiosity, helped me to develop persistence, and taught me the invaluable role of mentorship." Read more >

“Mouse changed my life. Being involved has helped me to see things from a different perspective and how to create something that I care about for someone else.” --Mickell


Programmer, Leader, Designer

"With Mouse, we are involved in determining the problem to solve and designing the solution, which is what you really need in the real world.” Read more >


Designer, Engineer, Inventor

“Through Mouse, I’ve designed new projects every year. I have more confidence, feel more natural presenting, and have developed skills in 3D printing, coding and engineering.” Read more >


Innovator, Educator, Presenter

“Mouse definitely changed the way I think about technology and what I want to do in the future. I want to make a project that will help someone and be part of something big.” Read more >

Join us for this unique, interactive event as we celebrate 20 years of empowering youth to create technology with purpose!

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