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August 16, 2017

Announcing the Game Jam Guide, Co-Authored by Mouse Staff Member Alex Fleming

We're thrilled to share the Game Jam Guide e-book, a comprehensive curriculum guide written by experts who led game jams in NYC, including Mouse Learning Design Manager Alex Fleming!

Written by Sara Cornish, Matthew Farber, Alex Fleming, and Kevin Miklasz, this curriculum guide includes over 20 flexible lesson plans and new ideas for educators, created by experts who lead game jams on topics such as climate change, immigration stories and local voices, and future cities.

Read more about the Game Jam Guide and this year's 2017 Games for Change Student Challenge from Alex Fleming, Mouse Learning Design Coordinator and Game Jam Guide author:

In 2014, Mouse participated in the Movable Game Jam Initiative, a series of collaborative events from organizations across Hive NYC to teach game making and celebrate all aspects of game design. The project was reignited when Mouse became the curriculum provider for the 2017 Games for Change Student Challenge. At each of these Game Jams, different organizations would bring different game making activities and students would do at least two of these activities over the course of an afternoon.

Every activity that took place at one of these Game Jams is in The Movable Game Jam Guide, with instructions, and there to use  if you want to run a Game Jam in your area but need activities, for your classroom, or if you just want to learn more about Game Making. The guide has activities for making games around certain themes as well as universal activities that can be applied to make a game about any topic.

View the Gam Jam Guide press release and download free e-book

Watch: Alex Fleming and Mouse alum Mickell Ford at the 2017 Games for Change Festival


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