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June 11, 2021

DIIT Design League Award Winners

We are proud to announce the winners of this year’s pilot Design League program in partnership with the NYC DOE's Division of Instructional and Information Technology (DIIT).

About DIIT Design League

In this program, 800+ students from 17 schools across all five boroughs worked in teams to invent an original app design that addresses a need in their community, showcasing human-centered design and UX/UI principles.

This May, each school held a Design League school fair where judges identified 50 winning projects to move on to the city-wide competition at the Emoti-Con NYC Youth Digital Media & Technology Challenge.

Award Categories

DIIT Awards: The team at DIIT, with support from volunteer judges, selected 5 winning schools, 1 per borough, and 1 or more winning app design projects within each school. DIIT created 3 awards: Creative Communicator, Innovative Designer and Knowledge Constructor - which align to ISTE technology learning standards.

Emoti-Con Awards: At the Emoti-Con competition, DIIT Design League students compete among hundreds of other students in creative technology programs around the city. A few of the DIIT Design League teams also earned Emoti-Con awards! See all Emoti-Con winners here.

🏆 Bronx Winners🏆

Bronx Winning School:

Bronx International High School (09X403)

Bronx Winning Projects:

Foodie World” by Rafia, Sadia and Samuela
  • DIIT’s Creative Communicator Award
Security Defender App” by Jervin
  • DIIT’s Knowledge Constructor Award
A teen’s diary about mental and emotional health” by Litza
  • DIIT’s Knowledge Constructor Award
  • Emoti-Con’s Most Entertaining Award
A!ert Me” by Decoran Richardson (from M.S. 301 Paul L Dunbar)
  • Emoti-Con’s Honorable Mention

🏆 Brooklyn Winners🏆

Brooklyn Winning School:

M.S. 582 The Magnet School for Multimedia, Technology, and Urban Planning (14K582)

Brooklyn Winning Projects:

No Pain No Board Game” by Teeny

  • DIIT’s Knowledge Constructor Award

  • Emoti-Con’s Honorable Mention

WeSpeak” by Tianee, Saray, Senise, & Jhamiyah

  • DIIT’s Creative Communicator Award

🏆 Manhattan Winners🏆

Manhattan Winning School:

High School for Media & Communications (06M463)

Manhattan Winning Projects:

Smoke Coach” by Elias, Ann, Oleyrys, & Trillion

  • DIIT’s Innovative Designer Award

Training Facility” by Rayniel, Tadhg, Yomaris, & Ashe

  • DIIT’s Innovative Designer Award

🏆 Queens Winners🏆

Queens Winning School:

I.S. 145 The Magnet School of Innovation and Applied Learning (30Q145)

Queens Winning Projects:

Calestia” by Melissa T, Melissa P, Danna, & Carlos

  • DIIT’s Innovative Designer Award

MS 358Q Student App” by Leanny, Shyma, Nasira, Kareena, Maisha, Akash, Rifat, Ayeman, Ronnie, Maheen, & Kelsey

  • Emoti-Con’s Honorable Mention

🏆 Staten Island Winners🏆

Staten Island Winning School:

IS 75 (31R075)

Staten Island Winning Projects:

Explore Pets” by Nicole, Salvatore, & Sara

  • DIIT’s Creative Communicator Award

Remote Rewards Chrome Extension” from IS 27 by Ben, Sophia, Matthew, Elena, Nicholas, Minul, & Dante

  • Emoti-Con’s Best Pitch Award

Congratulations to the winners and to all of the schools, teachers, and students who participated in DIIT Design League this year!


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