Mouse | NYC Teen Innovators: Mark your Calendars for Emoti-Con 2021!

February 05, 2021

NYC Teen Innovators: Mark your Calendars for Emoti-Con 2021!

Emoti-Con is back for the 13th annual NYC student project fair and competition celebrating teens who believe in using media and technology to make positive change in our communities.

Just like last year, Emoti-Con 2021 will be a virtual (remote) event, so you can participate safely from home.

We’ll be sharing more details about the event in the coming months, but here are this year’s competition dates - so you can start planning with your teams!

Competition Schedule (Save the dates!)

April 15: Project Submission Opens

We will share a link to submit your project presentations online (with the support of an adult educator or parent) starting April 15. You will be able upload slides, images, video and text to help judges learn about your idea and your design process.

May 19: Project Submission Deadline

You must complete the project submission form before midnight on May 19.

May 24-June 4: Emoti-Con Virtual Project Fair (12 days!)

During the asynchronous Project Fair, judges will evaluate your submissions and leave feedback on your project page. Students can check out the projects from other teams around the city and leave encouraging feedback and emojis.

(NEW!) Live events during the Project Fair: There will be opportunities to meet and learn from peers and judges at live events (via Zoom or Discord). More information and dates coming soon!

June 11: Award Ceremony

We’ll release the winners announcement video at Noon on June 11th. Organize a watch party with your team to celebrate! (Check out last year's winners here.)

More About Emoti-Con

Ok but, what IS Emoti-Con?

Ha! Good question. The Emoti-Con NYC Youth Digital Media and Technology Challenge is an annual competition and celebration for middle and high school students from NYC who believe in innovation for social change.

The event has been developed through a unique collaboration between youth designers, alumni leaders, and NYC youth-serving organizations, including Global Kids, Mouse, the New York Public Library, and Parsons School for Design. Emoti-Con provides the much needed venue for young people to connect through their common identity as media producers and technologists, and to meet judges who have relevant career and academic pathways to share.

Here are some of the projects from the 2020 Virtual Project Fair:

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