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February 09, 2021

Seeking Judges to Mentor Youth for the Virtual Emoti-Con Project Fair

Mouse is looking for mentors in applied design, media and technology-related careers to serve as judges for the 13th annual Emoti-Con NYC Youth Digital Media and Technology Challenge (now a virtual event) starting May 24.

About Emoti-Con

Teen designers, makers, gamers, developers, digital artists, storytellers and activists, at in-school or after-school programs around the city, work throughout the academic year on projects they’ve designed and realized - many of which focus on social justice and community impact. Since 2009, Emoti-Con has served as a cross-institutional culminating showcase for these programs, building a city-wide community of youth and adult mentors who believe in digital innovation as a tool for positive change.

Emoti-Con Judges

Judges review student projects (which may be digital games, app designs, podcasts, art/video/music, VR/AR, websites etc) and provide encouraging and constructive feedback on their ideas via an online form. Check out one of last year’s projects and judge feedback at the bottom.

Who can be a judge?

  • We are looking for judges in applied design, media and technology-related careers, or folks who represent relevant college programs.

  • You can be entry-level or advanced in your career.

  • Since this year's event is virtual, judges can come from anywhere around the world!

  • Representation matters: Research shows, “if one can see it, then they believe they can be it.” 87% of Emoti-Con students identify as BIPOC. We'd love to have a diverse representation of identities (race, gender, gender expression, abilities, age) reflected in our judges.

  • Here’s last year’s list of amazing judges!

Judging Schedule

  • Week of May 17: Watch a short Judge orientation

  • May 24-June 4: Review between 5-15 projects (based on your capacity). Judges may be invited to participate in live, Zoom career-themed Q&As during this period, if interested/available.

  • June 7 (Optional): Judge deliberation meeting

Apply Now (or Nominate a Friend)

Our goal is to have at least three judges evaluate each team project. Last year, we had 87 project teams presented (over 320 students). This year - with your help - we hope to have even more teams!

Here's an example of feedback left by last year's judges for one of the student project teams:


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