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June 09, 2023

2023 Winners & Finalists Emoti-Con Youth Digital Media & Tech Challenge

The 2023 Emoti-Con NYC Youth Digital Media and Tech Challenge our 15th annual and we had another great year. Over 490 students presented 166 outstanding, innovative, and impactful projects!

We had over 70 amazing professionals from across the tech and digital media industries evaluate each project based on creative, technical, design, and social impact metrics to identify 25 finalists and 10 winners. Thank you judges for bringing your insight and expertise!

Did you know: This year we added NEW extended judge profiles to the Emoticon website! Click on a judge’s name in the project comments or on the Judge page to learn more about their background, their best career advice, and more!

We were so impressed by the innovation, creativity and insight demonstrated in ALL of this year’s projects - Every single one deserves praise and recognition!

Did you know: You can share your Emoti-Con project page in your portfolio, college applications etc? The links will stay active!

Congratulations to ALL students and educators for your hard work, and special congratulations to the 2023 winners and finalists! - We look forward to seeing you again next year!


Top Projects: High School (Presented Alphabetically)

  • Elevate - Mouse Design league (DIIT) @ New Dorp High School - An app prototype that is designed to connect people in need to food, shelter, and services, and opportunities.

  • Finding Douglass: Uncovering The Life of Frederick Douglass - New York Historical Society - An interactive, multimedia website dedicated to exploring the life of Frederick Douglass

  • Gatekeeping The Bills - Educational Video Center - a documentary exploring how income inequality and the wealth gap affects the quality of living for people of color in New York City.

  • Health Help - Mouse Design league (DIIT) @ Thomas A. Edison CTE High School - An app that helps the community access and track better information about their health.

  • The Intersection of Us - New York Historical Society - A podcast episode that covers the intersectional activism of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, as well as an example of how young people are leading intersectional activism in education today.

Winners: Middle School (Presented Alphabetically)

  • Bins from Benny - Mouse Design League @ PS/IS 276 Battery Park City School - An app designed to motivate fellow classmates to clean up after themselves.

  • Bouryoku - Brooklyn Community College Partnership (BCCP) - An interactive, web-based choose your own adventure horror game that includes imagery, animations, and audio.

  • Happy Health - Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ I.S. 75 Frank D. Paulo - an app prototype designed to address the stigma and challenges of living with mental health struggles.

  • Spent - CS4All @ The Magnet School of Leadership and Exploration - an immersive VR game that addresses the issue of poverty.

  • The Key to the Cure - Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ P.S. 207 The Rockwood Park School - An app prototype designed to help people with memory loss and depression.

🏅 Finalists🏅

(Presented Alphabetically)

Thank You and Congratulations!

👏 Thank you to the 490+ students who produced and presented creative, playful, powerful, impactful ideas and work for Emoti-Con.

👏 Thank you to the teachers, afterschool facilitators, parents and mentors who supported and encouraged them through this process.

👏Thank you to our 70+ judges for leaving thoughtful, supportive, and constructive reviews for student teams and completing your judge profiles to let students learn more about you and your work.

The Emoti-Con Steering Committee

The event has been developed through a unique collaboration between youth designers, an alumni committee, and NYC youth-serving organizations from the Hive NYC Learning Network who form the Emoti-Con Steering Committee: Code Nation, DreamYard, Global Kids, and Mouse.

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