Mouse | Mouse Community - Summer 2023

July 13, 2023

Mouse Community - Summer 2023

Thank you for making the 2022-23 school year Mouse’s biggest ever!

More than 4,000 students at 69 NYC Public Schools completed Mouse’s Design League course learning computer science skills, UI/UX, and prototyping apps. The results show what’s on their mind — 30% of student apps this year focus on improving the mental health of teens.

We are grateful that so many of you helped Mouse teach the computer science skills that employers say are key to promoting tech career growth and workforce success — collaboration, critical thinking, human-centered design, goal orientation, communication, creativity, and innovation. Among the many recent highlights were school sessions with Amazon engineers on May 15 at the High School for Environmental Studies (below).

If you’d like more information about how to volunteer to help students, click here.

Larry Lieberman, Executive Director

Mouse in the Community

Career Pathway Workshops

In addition to learning how to design and build apps, Mouse students present their apps at school tech fairs to classmates, tech professionals, and elected officials. In the first image of the set above, NYC Council Member Sandy Nurse brainstorms with Mouse students at the Academy of Innovative Technology in Brooklyn.

Mouse @ 2023 Emoti-Con NYC Youth Tech and Digital Media Challenge

On June 13th, Mouse’s Design League concluded with the Emoti-Con Student Digital Media and Tech Challenge hosted by Microsoft at their Times Square Tech Center.

Student finalists from all five boroughs received awards and teachers were honored for their accomplishments. Tunisia Mitchell Interim Acting Executive Director of CS4ALL, and Jenee Smith a gifted software engineer from Microsoft gave spirited keynotes. Tech professionals hosted career pathways discussions and reviewed student projects.

Special thanks to Tom O’Connell, regional manager of Microsoft Philanthropies’ TEALS computer science education program for his support!

Each spring, Mouse along with other organizations in the HIVE community, hosts Emoti-Con, a project fair for students across NYC who believe in digital innovation as a tool for positive change in the world around them. Congratulations to the thousands of students who participated throughout the years, and the 495 students who created and shared their app designs this year!

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