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March 09, 2017

Epic Font Mouse MicroProject Winners

This month, we asked you to create an epic font for your own truly epic movie! Your submissions captured the spirit of adventure and excitement we had hoped for. Thanks to everyone for submitting an epic font!

Grand Prize


Winning our Grand Prize are Satyamuny and Sara from Will Rogers Middle School in Long Beach, California. Satyamuny’s font, “Letter Heads,” has an unique and epic style, Each capital letter was carefully designed to resemble the face of a person or animal and the title reflects this theme perfectly. “Letter Heads” gets bonus points for designing every letter of the alphabet and numbers too!

Here’s the entire Letter Heads alphabet:


Sara’s font was exceptional as well. Taking inspiration from possible world-ending events, Sara designed a font called The End Times that mimics degraded buildings and mutated creatures. This font feels right at home in a “War of the Worlds” type film poster. Excellent work Satyamuny and Sara!



Runner Up


Our first runner up is Jaz from Wagner Middle School in New York City. Jaz created a beautiful font set called Foretold to accompany her fantasy film. Here’s some of the story: “Veronica, a teenage girl in living a normal life in the early 1300s was caught in the Great flame— a large bonfire produced by the dragon Demur's poisonous breath.” That’s just the kind of story we’d like to see play out. Great work, Jaz!


Second Runner Up

Our 2nd Runners up this month are Andi and Sara both from P.S. 139 in Queens, New York.

We loved Andi’s font, Racecar, for the playful way each letter was designed like a finish line in a race.

Sara’s project, “Star Wars: Jedi Academy: Hopes, Dreams, Actions,” was great as well. It took inspiration from the Star Wars Jedi Academy novels with a level of added detail to capture some of the cool visuals from the movies. The V’s and W’s even look like starfighter spacecrafts.

Fantastic work, Andi and Sara and Thank you everyone for submitting such amazing fonts!

Our competition for March is already underway! Create an animated GIF story using MouseBot characters. 


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