Mouse | February Microproject: 8-Bit Pixel Artist

February 09, 2022

February Microproject: 8-Bit Pixel Artist

Nostalgia can seem silly when technology is involved. After all, why yearn for your childhood computer when a brand new one can do so much more? Even a device as commonplace today as the iPhone 13 has many times more computing power than the computers NASA used during the Apollo Space missions. But still, people can grow attached to outdated technology, and in the case of game designers and 8-Bit graphics, they may even breathe new life into it. This month, we want to see just how much this retro art style has to offer.

Your challenge is to make an animated GIF in the 8-Bit pixel art style.

Your challenge is to create an avatar that represents your technology goals for the coming year.

Find the 8-Bit Pixel Artist project in the project finder and follow the instructions. Then upload your pixelated GIF as an image file and submit this project to your educator!

Get Started!

If you are a Mouse Create Member, find the 8-Bit Pixel Artist Microproject on Mouse Create and follow the steps to create and upload your work.

Not a member of Mouse Create yet?

No problem! You don’t need to be a Mouse Create member to participate or be eligible to win a prize. Anyone can access the Microproject from Click on the February Microproject and follow the steps to complete the competition.


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