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December 01, 2017

Holiday "Alternate Reality" Mouse Microproject

What if every time you flipped a coin both heads and tails came up? Or what if every time you rolled a die, all six numbers appeared all at once? Theoretical physicists spend years conducting research and thought experiments like this to better understand how our universe works, and one fairly popular theory called the Many Worlds Interpretation asserts that reality is kind of like a massive choose-your-own-adventure story when it comes to actions. If true, a person flips a coin and both heads and tails come up but in two separate universes! This month, we want you to play physicist and explore the possibilities of this theory with your own program coded in Javascript.

Your challenge is to program a choose-your-own adventure in Mozilla Thimble!

Find the Alternate Reality project in the project finder and follow the instructions. Then copy and paste the URL to your Thimble project as text evidence on Mouse Create and submit this project to your educator!


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