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November 08, 2017

Listen to No Such Thing, PowerUp With Dr. Elizabeth Bishop, podcast by Marc Lesser

Listen now to No Such Thing, PowerUp With Dr. Elizabeth Bishop. No Such Thing is a podcast about "the promise and reality of learning with technology" by Marc Lesser, Mouse Senior Director of Learning Design.

No Such Thing, PowerUp With Dr. Elizabeth Bisho​p

>In this episode, Dr. Elizabeth Bishop is a cultural and queer theorist, a researcher, youth practitioner, and author of Becoming Activist. Bishop explores critical literacy through her research and work with youth based at New York’s Global Kids, a youth serving organization focused on global literacies and the empowerment of young people with a nearly 30-year history of impact. Bishop and I discuss her book, the relationship between research and practice, and how digital and activist identities are woven together in young people.

About No Such Thing

The show is about learning with technology, the realities and exciting potential, but it’s also about youth and the practitioners who support them –- youth developers, museum educators, teachers, mentors, counselors, parents–as they grow their identity, and journey forward.

The show is produced in partnership with City University of New York’s Masters Program in Youth Studies (learn more on the School of Professional Studies website) and Mouse, a national youth development nonprofit that believes in technology as a force for good.

Find No Such Thing on iTunesGooglePlay, and Stitcher. See show notes for all episodes and learn more:

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