Mouse | May Microproject: Wild Digital Pet

May 10, 2021

May Microproject: Wild Digital Pet

It’s been roughly 10,000 years since human beings first began domesticating plants and animals. Since then, we have been fascinated with the wild animals that swim, fly and burrow around us. We have domesticated hundreds of breeds of dogs from their original gray wolf ancestors and we’ve even moved on to develop digital pets, starting in the 90s with popular toys and TV shows.

Because so many of us love animals, this month we’d like you to use Scratch to animate one of your favorite wild creatures.

Your challenge this month is to design a virtual pet in Scratch

Get Started!

If you are a Mouse Create Member, find the Wild Digital Pet Microproject on Mouse Create and follow the steps to create and upload your work.

Not a member of Mouse Create yet?

No problem! You don’t need to be a Mouse Create member to participate or be eligible to win a prize. Anyone can access the Microproject from Click on the May Microproject and follow the steps to complete the competition.


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